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It has been said that he predicted the Covid-19 (corona) the World Wars, 9/11  and how about this piece, could it be about Donald Trump? Was he a true visionary or maybe his legendary accuracy is just a myth amplified by time? I cannot find anything. I want to know more about arising of the queen Corona 2020. 0000020086 00000 n Because of their strong opposition against magicians and wizards, the leaders of the Romano-Catholic Church would have preferred to burn this dangerously exact prophet alive. There will be hurricanes and earthquakes in some areas of North America. 0000019636 00000 n

PDF | The article interprets Michel Nostradamus’s quatrains in terms of the eventeme theory developed by the author. 0000002907 00000 n committed by humanity in order to avoid them.

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© 2020 - download free PDF e-books,, The book of Enoch – the George H. Schodde translation, The Zend Avesta – complete free PDF e-book, Tripura Rahasya or the Mystery Beyond the Trinity, Bizarre Tuesday on The Voynich Manuscript and CODEX Serahinianus, Download The Bible – PDF E-book version of the Bible, The Gospel of Thomas – two different translations. ‘EARTHSHAKING FIRE FROM THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH WITH TREMORS AROUND THE NEW CITY. It could be the Vietnam war, the Sino-Russian war or maybe a future war in the year 4698 – who knows.. it is a good way to write one of the best things to share for everyone of us so that we have the vision to see the new go for good things. All books on are Public Domain texts and free to download as pdf-files.

As a result, there probably are almost 400 different interpretations of the Belts, each of them trying to reveal the secrets of the prophecies dating to 3797.

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Michel de Nostredame, a 16th-century French philosopher, predicted the events of 9/11 in the US, but also the victory of Donald Trump. Nastradomus is saying about 2020: World war 3 is on the way is it true? These Belts were immediately successful and so represented the grounds for the author’s acceptance in Court. The visionary claimed this style defended him from the punishment of the powerful, who weren’t exactly delighted by his words. The terrestrial magnetic field, our shield against dangerous solar radiations, has started to weaken, fissures the size of California occurring here and there. The Europeans and Americans will face the immigrant issue, and the terrorist attacks will be increasingly higher.

WW3 would begin. What is a Horoscope ? Thanku nastredams my religion hinduism I love you. 0000003010 00000 n Without any shadow of a doubt, she stands behind his promotion as the leading medic of her son, Carol IX. 0000021441 00000 n The Complete works of Nostradamus compiled in one PDF.

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Use the search function above to find our free PDF ebooks or use the category list to browse books. 0000036654 00000 n 0000001921 00000 n the edict was withdrawn, changing money and standards. 0000020516 00000 n He never wrote about “Corona” or “2020”. 0000826668 00000 n God eternal, what changes can be expected? On the other hand, one of his authentic quatrains was considered by many to be the foreteller of the war: “A live fire and death hidden in globes will be horribly unleashed. From Egypt, there will go forth a man who wants Although Nostradamus lived in the 16th century, many believe he could see into the future – here is what he said about 2020. In Germany people strongly believed in the sayings regarding the Third Reich. The dreadful Notre Dame Fire in Paris on Monday 15th April at 5.50pm local time, was predicted by Nostradamus. 0000002587 00000 n The solar physics confirm that the next maximum point of Sun’s activity, at a record level, will occur in 2020. 2020 will be characterized by many natural disasters, but also by accomplishments in science. If you like to buy, then buy it directly from the central figure of The Nostradamus’ prophesies, i.e. Nostradamus 2020: People believe the French mystic knew of COVID-19 (Image: TWITTER) READ MORE. France and Italia, what emotions will you undergo?”. 0000003487 00000 n What does Nostradamus reveal to us for 2020?

Only due to the now widowed queen, Caterina de Medici, did he manage to avoid execution. The year 2020 marks a sacred moment, favorable and, at the same time, dangerous in the history of mankind, meant to bring both disasters and revelations. 1.

Nostradamus is thought to have predicted that global warming would become pretty bad in 2020 and that the global sea level would change the world abruptly in 2020. Nostradamus, whose predictions were published in 1555 based on some quatrains written by him in 942, is the one who predicted the great fire from London in 1666, the French Revolution from 1789, Napoleon and Hitler’s ascension, JFK’s assassination, and even the 9/11/2001 events. It’s highly likely that Nostradamus was capable enough to envelop his unpleasant visions in ambiguous phrases, given the fact that monarchs – no matter how kind initially presented themselves to clairvoyants – were renowned for punishing the messengers because of their message. there is no scientific base for Nostradamus theory; there is no danger of Earth collision with a stray asteroid.

0000036225 00000 n 0000021030 00000 n Each prediction was made of four verses, a quatrain, but none resembled a poem. Fill out your e-mail address and name to receive the monthly newsletter! 0000027065 00000 n 0000021131 00000 n 1.

0000049333 00000 n Types of Horoscope That Exist, Lucky Colors For 2021 Based On Your Chinese Zodiac, Gemini – do everything and be everywhere, Capricorn – serious and sober individuals. Undoubtedly, Nostradamus is the world’s most famous prophet and presumed mystic. The short and lively individual, with a long and thick beard, was a freak of nature at the Renaissance Court of king Henry the Second of France. trailer <]/Prev 1128096/XRefStm 1739>> startxref 0 %%EOF 388 0 obj <>stream The horrified culprit, Count of Montgomery, was younger than the sovereign.

In the Middle East, the extremism phenomenon based on religion will increase. favourite after easy g and one nd half brother to er by elite TeTerms: Pay On … The world should welcome and try accommodate, maintain this brains once noticed rather than harass to obscurity.

“Queen Corona 2020” is a false translation of a prophecy by Nostradamus. For many interprets of Nostradamus’ Belts, the text is full of prophecies regarding extremely violent contemporary events – from the rising of Hitler to power, to the assassination of both John F. Kennedy and his little brother, Robert. 0000070711 00000 n Being on the brink of civil war, France represented an ideal environment for the dark and cryptic prophecies of Nostradamus, published in 1555 – the first 100 out of the almost 2000 which he will release until 1557. Instinctively, people felt that in their normal behavior there are many errors concerning Nostradamus claim that any deed has its reward. h�b``0```�����b��A�D�bl,l m�'00,;��

0000081833 00000 n Ty been wanting to read this for awhile …. Could it provide credibility to another prophecy meant to come true in the future, one of the few with a precise date?”, Nostradamus Predicted the Notre Dame Fire​. A quatrain written 500 years ago by the French astrologer anticipated it. According to a well-known tale, Nostradamus once called for an angel, named Anael, and asked him to use a magic mirror and reveal to him the fate of the queen’s children.

Centuria means ‘a hundred’, and it might refer to the span of years his prophecies and predictions reach. His prediction regarding the death of her husband was sufficient. Please say me. It is certain that in all the scenarios regarding the end of the world, the serious wrongs, that would determine it, were also incriminated. Nostradamus supposedly prophesized that many parts of Antarctica will melt causing the global rise in sea levels by several meters. 0000014136 00000 n 0000049116 00000 n Scared, the queen demanded the finalization of that unpleasant show.

In this apocalyptic scenario, there is, undoubtedly, a lot of naivety, but also self-culpability. 0000004218 00000 n Download PDF’s: holy books, sacred texts, and spiritual PDF e-books in full length for free. 0000003707 00000 n After he announced, one evening, that he will not survive the night, he died due to a gout episode on July 2 1566 (at 62 years old) and was found dead the following morning in his bedroom, next to his worktable.

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A belief too strong will betray the monarch. A splinter from the broken weapon caused a secondary injury, and the king suffered greatly for ten days straight, after which he passed away. A reversal of the earth's magnetic poles, during which the protection reaches almost zero, is likely to occur soon. It seems tha…

0000082339 00000 n 0000021839 00000 n nor is the alignment of the planets expected for the next decades; the reversal of Earth’s rotation direction is practically impossible; the magnetic pole’s inversion is very unlikely in the next several millennia. The year 2019 is near the end, 2020 is knocking on the door and Nostradamus has left scary predictions for this year. 0000024784 00000 n Its last eruption took place 640000 years ago. “An accurate prediction or an altered interpretation? Read the reviews and download the free PDF e-books. The complete works of Nostradamus contain nearly 400 PDF pages of prophecies, all of them written vaguely enough for many speculations about everything from wars to the outbreak of epidemics. The climate changes will affect the planet, and the world leaders will start to take measures against pollution.

Since 1940 and especially, after 2003, the Sun behaves more turbulent than ever, since the global warming that ended the last glacial era, 11000 years ago. Nostradamus considered that in 2020 a new era will begin, both in terms of the calendar, but also realistically. 0000002192 00000 n What began in France will finish there, a secret sign will be put away. There will be floods in many countries from Europe (Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain), a continent that will endure many terrorist attacks.


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