outlaw names male

Other names here come from Western tales in radio, film and literature — from popular actors such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper to authors such as Louis L’Amour to fictional characters such as Ranger Reid, aka The Lone Ranger. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. If you’re looking to give your dog an outlaw’s name, chances are you’re either an outlaw yourself, have a bit of a rebellious side, or just plain appreciate the kind of brutal lifestyle necessary to survival in the Old West — either that or your dog is a rebel who needs a name to suit their rambunctious personality. Old Time Gangster, Mobster and Outlaw Names. 1: Clay. If you want to capture that rugged Wild West spirit in your little dude, you’ll likely get a kick out of these Western names inspired by famous outlaws and icons. But if records of the time were any indicator, many men still enjoyed the company of dogs, especially if they were particularly good at either of those activities, including James “Dog” Kelley, the mayor of Dodge City, who imported and kept a pack of Russian Greyhounds for those very purposes. 4 years ago. In a famous photo, Earp is seen feeding Earpie noodles outside of his mining camp in the Whipple Mountains of California.

Lv 4. So hop on your horse, don those boots and pop on your cowboy hat; you’re in for a fun ride with these Western baby boy names. 1: Killer. Charles Allen – An outlaw, Allen robbed and killed a group of people in Virginia City, Montana and was hanged by vigilantes. 1: Horn. On this list you’ll find the names (first and last) of outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James as well as the Earp brothers (Morgan, Wyatt and Virgil), legendary lawmen of the Old West. Most of the pictures depict dogs being kept as working types, hunting and coursing for their owners for the purposes of both food and money, generally a long shot from companionship.

Butch: Butcher. Some are drawn from history, others from fictional media. Use these to name your bad boys and troublemakers. Relevance. 0 0. averyl. 7 Answers. After Tom Horn Jr., once a respected lawman, had to give up his badge after being linked to 12 murders. “Bladder” Allen – An outlaw in Lincoln County, New Mexico, Allen was jailed for stabbing a man in White Oaks, New Mexico. Looks are usually a great place to start, as many famous outlaws had very distinct looks. Regardless of which dog it happened to be, the account makes a strong statement as to the types of relationships held by those in the earliest days of America, before the country was ever truly settled.


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