percy jackson god of time and space fanfiction

(collapse), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan. Oh! Give him a couple of days and he will be fine.”, said Athena. They would make one of the walls of the destroyed palaces  ‘accidentaly’ fall on himand in the pretence of healing, turn him into a god. I will change the plot as story goes on. There will be no more discussion in this matter.”. This story is based after the 2 nd Titan war.

“May be I could beat him to pulp and we turn him into a god to save his life?” ,suggested Ares.

Get dressed.”, said Hermes in a serious tone.

Please review as to who you want me to pair Percy with. He should be taught a lesson”, said Athena. Trí Dé Dána - Three gods of craftsmanship, each with their own speciality. New Beginnings (Percy) Hi! I slowly lifted Percy off the floor and onto it. So how was the first chapter? I closed my eyes and thought, “So this is how it ends.” And I don’t remember anything after that. “You will not harm him Ares .”, yelled Poseidon. This is my first time writing about Percy Jackson and I hope I don’t disappoint you. I snapped my fingers once again and he disappeared. I immediately started to get out of the temple but found that the entrance was blocked. Poseidon finally spoke up, “Did we do anything wrong? I heard a gasp and looked up to see that Poseidon had tears in his eyes. left kudos on this work! Hi! 1. Chapter 2 “He is alive, you know. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

What if he forces Percy into a god? We all heard rumbling and then a large explosion.

Why isn’t he waking up?”. Ch1. The next day Hermes went to Percy’s house.

Everything should be still or settling. I finally saw a corridor leading out of the room but it was across the room from where I was standing. 158 guests

I looked at everyone and saw that many had the same look of confusion. Chapter1 That way he would think there was no other way to save him. Everyone followed his example and stood. I walked back to my throne and stood in front of it and started chanting. I checked his pulse and saw that it was very weak. 4. Once I was sure that his condition had stabilized, I nodded towards Zeus who got up from his seat. It may have seemed that way, but not to Percy. I took one last look at the roof to find that a huge piece of it was falling directly towards me. Normally once you are made a god all your injuries, tiredness and desire to rest are gone. Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I say we force him to become a god.” Before Poseidon could counter he said, “It is that or death for him. After 5 years, Percy is a director of a camp hidden from the gods and Camp Half-Blood. I gulped and started looking for a way out. Next was Percy's, revealing his abs and chest muscles. Please be patient with me.

Poseidon sighed and agreed to making Percy a god as he could not bear the thought of loosing him. Finally it was so much that he was completely enveloped in it.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. That wasn't easy, because every time she looked at his masked face, she could only think of one person.

Now, she and her Hunters were faced with adjusting to a new lifestyle - one with a male guardian protecting them from a new, rising threat. Now everyone knows my story until after the 2nd titan war but what happened next is what really defined my whole life. Percy Jackson. Demigods born of this latter type are known for being especially dangerous. The next day I went to my mother’s apartment in New York to spend the rest of summer with my family.

That wasn't easy, because every time she looked at his masked face, she could only think of one person. Please review. But that was impossible, right? “His body is probably getting used to all that power.

This time, it didn't take long before clothes were flying all over.

2. While these are (relatively) easily dealt with by druids, many (though not all) of their lesser-known counterparts are not so stable, and tend to be at the height of unpredictability. Those two started to argue once again until Zeus thundered, “Stop your bickering.

Summoning a Guardian had gone out of practice millennia ago, after all, but her Hunters were in imminent danger; what else could she do? He was dead. We waited for him to gain consciousness but it didn’t happen. Annabeth turned around and Percy immediately kissed her again. Sirariptide7, NightSongDragoness, aWizardDidIt, pancakes_for_the_gays, lykos343, stubbythumbs1219, samisawesam, Robmart, hatcher_1991, Lily_Winchester, MortemPlasmon, FellowLesbian, Kitiara_Woodbane, cheeky_memes, ShadowDragonOfTheBlackSea, TheMarksman, Arretez93, Drakenbane, Wintervamps, KatrinaTenebrea1864, visionaryScribe, rosareyes81, Doctoresses, Avieryn, FanGirl_68, twisty_freshness, TeamHermes, ttickle16, SmartieQueen, Jester94, KittyCatie, wordsanyways, WerewolfMcWerewolf, Tbarn95, sighsinternally, NekoCutie17, and fearleshadowhunter 5. Is something wrong?”.

Percy Jackson: God of Time. “I can’t believe that he rejected godhood.

I stared up at the roof, I saw that it was slowly caving in. I am Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, defeater of Kronos, Slayer of Minotaur and numerous other monsters. Otherwise he will hate us for eternity.”. (completely forgot) Recently turned into the god of tides, hunt, humility, time and desire. “Nothing is wrong Percy. It started with Annabeth's shirt that Percy pulled over her head, revealing her grey lacy bra that barely managed to contain her large, perky breasts. I looked up to see that the cracks were widening and some fine dust was falling from them. I was observing the painting on one of the walls when I heard a big groan from the temple. 6. But that was impossible, right? Division by portfolio is rarer among Celtic deities, unlike Norse or Greco-Roman gods, though many gravitate towards certain fields and are associated with certain accomplishments; while each has roughly the same raw capability, many have developed specialities over the years and prefer to be associated with them. The mist from each god and goddess flew over to Percy’s body on the floor and started surrounding him. Please review as to who you want me to pair Percy with. “He is in my temple.”, he stated without any emotion. “What are you doing here Hermes? I looked at him confused. I slowly made my way towards it when suddenly there was a bigger groan and the roof started falling in. What happens when Zeus doesn't take Percy's rejection of godhood too well? Well this is my story. By the time we were finished, Percy’s wounds had healed and he emitted an aura of power as strong as an Olympian. I knew that Hermes also didn’t approve of this. He sighed and struck his trident on the throne room’s floor. We all nodded to this and I snapped my finger and made a stretcher appear. He is one hell of a tough bird to kill.”, I chuckled. Though there are many Celtic gods, covering a large span of time and space, the Tuatha Dé Danann and their fellow Gaelic gods are the most famous and best-preserved of them; they thus retain most of their power and can easily assume human forms. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Poseidon was against this plan but when Athena assured that Percy will not be harmed too much, he relented. As a result of repeated invasions, syncretism, and forced conversions, the Celtic deities and much of their related creatures and beings have been greatly reduced, especially in the modern age, where many are close to the point of fading. How I became a god? Everyone turned towards Poseidon looking at him expectantly. Now, she and her Hunters were faced with adjusting to a new lifestyle - one with a male guardian protecting them from a new, rising threat. A story of lies, betrayal, and true inner strength awaits Perseus and his charge as they uncover the true puppetmaster. The druids work to maintain their existence, a difficult task when one considers how famously contrary to basic human reason, unpredictable, and altogether dangerous they tend to be. I started looking around and noticed that there were giant cracks running across the ceiling. Please consider turning it on! This story is based after the 2nd Titan war.


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