pierce arrow bike
But the bicycles were already prestigious in their own right BEFORE the cars appeared. Especially when it comes to motorcycles that offered high-performance or cutting-edge technology in their day. George Pierce sold all his rights in his company in 1907, shortly after the new factory had been built. In 1903 Pierce progressed a little further in his quest to produce the luxury cars they would become most famous for when they built their two cylinder “Arrow”, the first “Pierce Arrow”.

Someone loyal to NBHAA after seeing the latest "Pierce-Arrow bicycle" silliness posted in a forum sent us these three images from the 1914 issue of. No.

THIS is how silly the internet has made some folks.

And we own one. But as expensive as they were to buy, they were even more expensive to produce, so that the company lost money on every one sold. Do you honestly think this "forum" guy has discovered some mysterious holy grail we don't know about? There is no evidence that bicycles from George N. Pierce Company ever were branded “Pierce-Arrow.”.

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All the gas bag opinion and arguing in the world won't change the facts.

During their production, only about 500 Pierce Four motorcycles were built, making them exceedingly rare and collectable today. Sign makers make mistakes. While you're worrying about getting it right, the publisher just made another hundred grand! And the frame not only housed the cables, but also the oil and gasoline, not too dissimilar from Buell’s bikes. So? No returns or exchanges, but item is covered by the.

And in the world of the uninformed–anyone who stands up and proclaims that THEY "know" some great information can make up and say all they want. We love to keep seeing them. But despite its age, it can still keep up with modern traffic. Even scholarly articles, lovely books, Internet sites seem to repeat a lot of the same mythical stories in one way or another.

Anybody who knows anything about vintage cars knows about Pierce-Arrow, a premier maker of luxury automobiles through the 1930s.

Would you believe, that went we have shown this photo to others they have actually wanted to argue that the "Wizzer" spelling is "correct"?????

Jay Leno owns one, a 1918 Model 66, Autoweek reports. Even movies make mistakes. Pierce-Arrow’s bike retained the Belgian model’s shaft drive and pedal-assist. We wrote it several years ago for the International Cycle History Conference–ICHC... and it was so hot, so controversial–AND so factual that they refused to publish it! It gives people … This amount is subject to change until you make payment. The Pierce Four was the pet project of the son of Pierce-Arrow’s owner, George Pierce. Sticking your head in the sand just because you happen to be making money or because YOU hold the reins to power is a pretty sad example to worship.

A 1908 2-speed FN Four served as the inspiration for the Pierce-Arrow Four.

The most notable competitor to the Pierce Arrow Four was the Henderson Four while the bikes from companies such as Harley-Davidson and Indian Motocycle were also less expensive and thus attractive to buyers. Details and accuracy DO count- whether you are making cars, building houses or writing history. Percy Pierce was inspired by the overall concept of the FN but he recognized that it was very much a work in progress and that he and his engineers could design a better motorcycle, in fact he was intending to build the best motorcycle in the world just as his father was intending to build the best automobiles in the world. Did you learn anything?

In a forum, one can take quotes out of context and present them as fact. in 1909 and later to 696cc by 1911. In all likelihood, there will continue to be these strange myths–especially now with the Internet and the fact that anyone can claim to be a bicycle history expert simply by saying so! RELATED: The Extremely Minimalist Ariel Atom Came From Motorcycles.

Motorcycles, though, weren’t the only motor vehicles which bore the Pierce-Arrow name.

We have a very nice 8 x 10 glossy photo take in 1947 and published in American Bicyclist magazine and newspapers back then. In a forum, one can literally make up any story they like and post it as fact.

However, we are sure there will simply be another chapter in the stories. It shows a Whizzer dealer standing in what appears to be a trade show booth displaying all of his wares. There have long been a number of myths and misconceptions about American-made bicycles of the 1800s through 1960s.

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By the 1890’s the advantages of machines over the use of animal power was starting to be appreciated. Simple as that. • NEXT is the cover from the 1899 Pierce Cycle catalogue.


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