pixelmon crystal steelix
It evolves from Crystal Onix at night, if holding a(n) Metal Coat. Crystal Steelix is a Steel / Crystal dual type Pokemon. Crystal Steelix is a Steel/Crystal dual type Pokemon. This Pokémon cannot be found in the wild. This Pokémon is known to dig toward the earth's core. It evolves from Crystal Onix at night, if … Steelix is a Steel/Ground-type Pokémon that evolves from Onix if it is traded while it is holding a Metal Coat.

Evolves from Onix when traded while holding a metal coat. Steelix is the pokemon whish has two types ( Steel and Ground) from the 2 generation. Steelix information in Pixelmon Generations.

Crystal Onix is a Crystal-type Pokemon. There are records of this Pokémon reaching … From Pixelmon Generations.

It evolves into Mega Crystal Steelix during the day, while holding a(n) Mist Stone. Steelix. It evolves into Crystal Steelix at night, if holding a(n) … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pokémon with a gender ratio of one male to one female, Pokémon in the Medium Fast experience group, Pokémon whose base Defense stat is greater than 100, https://pokemonwack.fandom.com/wiki/Crystal_Steelix?oldid=23510.

Jump to: navigation, search ← Gligar (#207) Steelix (#208) Snubbull (#209) → Steelix #208 Type Catch Rate 25 Abilities Hidden Abilities RockHead Sturdy: SheerForce: Level Range in Wild Gender Ratio 30-60: 50% ♂, 50% ♀ Mountable Egg Group Yes: Mineral: Contents. Steelix lives even further underground than Onix. It evolves from Crystal Onix during the day, while holding a(n) Metal Coat. This Pokémon cannot be found holding an item. Under normal battle conditions, this Pokémon is: An accuracy of 0 means a move cannot miss, in case of status moves, it targets the user or the entire field.

This Pokémon is known to dig toward the earth's core, reaching a depth of over six-tenths of a mile underground. Pokemon Wack Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Steelix live even further underground than Onix. A base power of 1 means that the move deals fixed damage or its base power varies depending on the situation. This page was last updated to the Final Version.


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