pompano migration map
Tying your own gives you great flexibility in choosing your own hook size, bead color and whether to use floats or not. With practice, you can spot them before you even bother to scoop. If the conditions require a heavier weight than that, then it’s not an ideal day to target pompano. So, I know they work very well. he lifespan is commonly only 3 to 4 years. When it comes to rods, I’m usually torn about the issue. Neither super clear water nor really stained water are ideal for pompano. And, those work just fine. As the water temps climb later in the summer, you may have to fish further from shore to find pompano in deeper water. I typically tie my own so I can get them just like I want. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 10, 2010.

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If you don’t have a cooler, one alternative for keeping your catch fresh is to bury them in sand deep enough to where they will remain moist and cool. See more.

During the right time of year, they are easy to catch and they taste great. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Their small antennae make tiny V’s in the sand as the water recedes. By that time you may have missed the bite, or crabs could have stolen your bait, so it’s time to reel in and check the situation. Another option, which I have used before, is to take 2 plastic containers that nest together. To this point, knock on wood, I have caught bull reds and sharks, and they never pulled my lightweight sand spikes out of the sand.

That is why I chose this one over the larger size. If you don’t use a weight that holds your baits firmly to the bottom, you are going to have a tangled mess on your hands. . The migration follows a north to south direction in the fall . If balloon tires are not in your budget, that’s OK.  A cart like the one pictured below is much more affordable and will work just fine. Pompano migrate in schools, heading south in the winter and then back north as the weather warms.

If you want more info about other bait options for pompano, you can refer to my article here: Best Baits For Pompano. When I’m after pompano, I like to take 3 thin-wall pvc surf spikes and space them 5-7 yards apart. If you’ve never eaten pompano, you’ve done yourself a disservice. Florida pompano do not have teeth on their tounge, A pompano's head slopes back gently with no abrupt change in angle - no hump, Pompano have more rays than a permit; 22 to 27 dorsal rays and 20-23 anal rays, The beginning of their anal fin starts further back than the beginning of their dorsal fin, Pompano sized permit have teeth on their tounge, Permit have dorsal and anal fins that are longer and drape back toward their tail, Permit have sort of an appearance of a bump on their forehead, due to the change of angle to the slope of their head, Sometimes they have a dark spot under their pectoral fins, Have fewer rays than a pompano. You can expect a hooked pompano to make a parallel run along the beach once you get him near the surf line. There is nothing wrong with using a single rod. Not only do they increase your odds by having more baits in the water at the same time, they also help you to more quickly dial into what the fish prefer on a given day. So, if we take Florida for example, the best fishing will start in the very northeast in the fall and gradually move down the coast. To be clear, you don’t typically need long casts to catch pompano. This is the style I have used in the past, and it’s what I see most people using. Following are some of the differences between the two in case you happen to run across a permit in the surf. For best results, look for areas that are deeper than the surrounding water. Finding an abundance of bait oftentimes means that you have found the fish. Instead, you should store them in 2 or 3” of damp sand, which will actually keep them alive for several days, if they don’t get too hot. When fishing with multiple rods, I always use pyramid or sputnik weights to anchor my baits in place.

One bait I always take with me to the beach is Fishbites. P.S. Surf conditions are discussed in more detail below. These are the ones, available from Amazon, that I use most often: When To Use A Frog Tongue Weight Or Wedge Sinker, Best Electric Fillet Knife For Crappie Fishermen, Top 9 Criteria to Evaluate When Choosing a Surf Rod. The lifespan is commonly only 3 to 4 years. A lighter setup is much more fun when you hook up. The only fish a pompano would typically be confused with is a juvenile permit. I’m not particularly fond of the kahle hooks that come on most pompano rigs. in case you happen to run across a permit in the surf. I’ll pull one out as needed, and when I run out, I’ll make another scoop. Some of the other alternatives are, scooping them with cheap metal collanders, toy plastic shovels, or buckets with holes drilled in the bottom. I throw this “extra” rod out with a larger bait to target bigger fish, like bull reds. There are other baits that will work great as well, but if you are able to obtain live sand fleas on a given day, that’s what you should use. But, they will also feed on all sorts of small crabs, shrimp, and even small fish. Although it’s of no use to us surf-bound anglers, one interesting fact about pompano is that they have a tendency to skip out of the water behind a boat’s wake.

There aren’t many places I’d rather be. For me, no other bait has proven to have a better combination of being both convenient, and effective for pompano.


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