postal jeep doors

for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT, DV8 Offroad Rock Doors with Perforated Aluminum Mesh Screens, for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited & Gladiator JT, for 87-95 Jeep Wrangler YJ & 80-86 Jeep CJ-7, CJ-8 Scrambler with Steel Latch Pins, Bestop 2-Piece Front Doors in Black Diamond, Bestop 2-Piece Rear Doors in Black Diamond, for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door, for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 4-Door, for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JK, ** Free Shipping Details, Shipping Policies and Restrictions. With plenty of factory or aftermarket solutions, you can simply choose a primed steel full or half door to exactly matches your needs, or change things up and replace with aftermarket versions that are diamond plated or fabric. Will the transmission shift past first gear? its, 0 hot rod, street rod and muscle 1976 Jeep DJ5s for sale today on Hotrodhotline. What I do know is that my friend’s assessment and the seller’s assessment of the vehicle’s condition—were both totally wrong.

©1995-2020, Quadratec, Inc. All rights reserved. dreaming about owning a DJ for quite some time. Then he tipped the jerry can, gravity feeding the carburetor. The year before, it was a dilapidated Willys CJ-2A farm Jeep. So what do you do when you w, Turbo #Jeep #REPTHEBEST _______ @jorgeverdugo #jeepbeef #jeep, I just bought a 1969 postal jeep dj-5a with the 4-cylinder Chevrolet Nova 153 cu in (2.5 L) engine and 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. Here’s the first time I laid eyes on this wonderful machine: Incredibly, after slapping a battery in, the motor turned over with vigor. Since I nursed him through his first few years of engineering courses, my friend’s become a bit of a genius, and is now a hot-shot jet engine developer. Now it’s time to introduce this year’s project: a $500 right-hand drive 1976 Jeep DJ-5D postal carrier.

1973 Jeep DJ-5C RHD Offroad / Onroad (Avinger, Texas 75630) $6000: QR Code Link to This Post I have a totally cool hardtop Jeep for sale.…. Sr. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. I dribbled some starting fluid in, and BOOM, that inline-six fired up great. is in much worse shape than I expected, making it, quite possibly, the rustiest, crustiest vehicle I’ve ever owned. 1970 DJ5 Kaiser Postal Jeep bought on ebay.

If you don’t have one of the old and trusty 4.2L- or 4.0L-equipped Jeeps you probably had one in the past or have a buddy with one. I’d say buying this Jeep was a mistake if it weren’t for my sheer love of the postal Jeep design. His photos weren’t all that much better than those the seller had sent me. The ability to remove your Jeep's full or half doors certainly makes the vehicle one of the more unique things to drive on or off road. For three years now, I’ve been buying junkyard-quality Jeeps, fixing them, and embarking on long trips to the off-road mecca that is Moab, Utah. Jamie then towed the postal Jeep to his house, and I later picked it up, towed it to my house, and shoved it off the U-Haul trailer’s ramps into my backyard, where it now sits among a fleet of rusty misfits: So yes, the good news is that the two-wheel drive Jeep drives (yes, two-wheel drive. And the first year I took a highly perforated $600 Jeep Cherokee. Throughout this website and catalog the terms Jeep®, Wrangler, MOPAR®, & Rubicon are used for identification purposes only. Eight-inch magnetic sheeting secures the protector to USPS vehicle door. These are all things I don’t yet know. This will make for some...interesting off-roading). 13795 AL HWY 168, Boaz, AL 35957 . Will the engine make enough power to go more than 3 mph?

Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. However, whether it is just because of old age, or through storage or an accident, doors can sometimes get damaged beyond repair when off the vehicle. In addition, many half door editions also will accept upper soft doors and can be color matched to your current soft or hard top. We'll send Exclusive Offers, New Releases, Jeep News & Videos right to your inbox. Not only did the motor run, but the Jeep drove onto the trailer. Looking underneath, the Jeep—which, by the way, my coworker Jason wants to paint in the scheme shown below (I’m amenable to the design)—is in much worse shape than I expected, making it, quite possibly, the rustiest, crustiest vehicle I’ve ever owned. Here’s a look at the floor photo he sent me: There were also a couple of other little issues he spotted, like a leaky diff and disconnected shocks, but overall, it seemed okay, so I sent him a $500 Venmo payment and arranged with him to buy the Jeep for me. Between then and the mid 1980s, the DJ-5 came in a number of submodels with different engines and drivetrains, including an all-electric setup. Expect it to be a long one.

All doors are designed to fit the factory hinges and some kits come with trim panels, lock cylinders, wiring and linkage. Cars: Willys CJ-2A ('48), Jeep J10 ('85), Jeep Cherokee ('79, '91, '92, '00), Jeep Grand Cherokee 5spd ('94).

Jeep®, Wrangler, Rubicon, Renegade, CJ, Quadra-Trac and the Jeep grille design are registered trademarks of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Explore this time in Jeep® History and view the 1970s Jeep® lineup. After he told me he only wanted $500 for one that allegedly ran and had a decent frame, he sent me the two jankiest photos anyone actually trying to sell something has ever sent: Naturally, I needed more intel, so I arranged for my college buddy, who lives in Indy, to take a look at the boxy little letter carrier. He responded within a couple of hours with his phone number, which I called immediately. He said the frame looked fine from what he could see, the 232 inline-six (the predecessor to the 258 inline-six, which preceded the legendary 4.0-liter) engine was intact, and the body wasn’t all that bad, sans some rust on the floors and the obvious door rust. It wasn’t long before we realized that the pump wasn’t sucking, so Jamie—brilliant man that he is—shoved the rubber hose into the carburetor on one end, and into the jerry can nozzle on the other. The motor fired right up and actually idled! Gosh I love this thing already. In the listing’s text, the Indianapolis-based seller mentioned that he also had some postal Jeeps for sale. The DJ was a fascinating machine (just look at the vehicle’s spec sheet): I’ve been dreaming about owning a DJ for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise that in early August, while ogling over a beautiful Willys Forward Control during my hourly Craigslist Jeep search, something caught my eye. My friend’s assessment was fairly positive. Postal Jeep Parts The only name you need to know for your Postal Jeep Parts!. Last year, my project was a rusty $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was flat-fender CJs and Willys Wagons that dropped off parcels to rural homes, but by the mid ’60s, the Jeep DJ-5 “Dispatcher” took over pretty much all mail routes. Still, everything looked like it was mostly there. Call toll free 1-866-DJ5-PART (1-866-355-7278), FAX 1-256-593-9778, or E-mail … I shot him an email. May 25, 2018 - Explore John Clark Jr's board "postal Jeep ideas" on Pinterest. In 1972 Jeep® introduces Quadra-Trac 4x4 system, the first automatic four wheel drive system. You can expect a full rundown of the postal Jeep’s copious problems in a forthcoming article.

So I knew I could count on him for an accurate assessment. For three years now, I’ve been buying junkyard-quality Jeeps, fixing them, and embarking on long trips to the off-road mecca that is Moab, Utah. As the sun began to set, Jamie and I rolled up to the postal carrier sitting on the side of a dead-end road. Thankfully, replacing a worn out or damaged door does not have to involve a lot of guesswork. My friend Jamie graciously volunteered to join me on the quest, which took us to Toledo to drop the Willys off, and then to the seller’s house on the southwest side of Indy—approximately five hours from our homes near Detroit.


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