reconstruction failure essay

However, he was assassinated before the plan rolled out.

Whites who wished to sympathise or support black people in there freedoms were targeted as a warning to others who wished to intervene. The social divides created were also wearing, as African Americans could be granted very few developments in true freedom. This had a huge knock on affect for the freed people. These were put in place in Southern states between 1865 and 1866 in order to define the new rights and responsibilities of black people. Yet, this kind of hostility was not exclusively intended for black people. An act was passed that saw troops move to the south to offer protection.

Black schools and churches were set on fire, homes were broken into, robbing the little possessions black families had, and in some cases black representatives with a grasp at political power were murdered in order to stop blacks from attaining a vote. 2020 © All rights reserved Gradesfixer ™, “To What Extent Was Reconstruction a Failure?”, To What Extent Was Reconstruction a Failure? It created economic hardship for those in the South who were already tired after a long war. The reconstruction of the south was the period during and after the Civil War where several different groups in the government tried to solve the economic, political, and social problems that arose as a result of the Civil War. The various land holding classes were left with no option other than to divide up the plantation systems for more manageable paid labour, or simply sell the land on. As both the North and South had the opportunity to recover from the colossal casualties caused by the war, there was huge political pressure to begin reconstruction and bond the American states together. There was a huge lack of working right for black people in comparison to whites at the time. This kind of violence continued on through the Reconstruction period. “The battle was done, the buglers were silent. A time where change was coming. Some people felt Reconstruction worked while others felt there was still more to be done.

Although Lincoln had won the elections, by March 4, 1861, seven cotton plantation-based slave states formed the Confederacy. After the immense pressure of battle had lifted, it was clear that the Southern economy had taken a beating. Professor Clement Price It became a mission of self justification and revenge for white supremacy. Lincoln’s first, Was The Reconstruction A Success Or A Failure Essay. [Internet] GradesFixer. It was their job to offer these slaves protection (Herron 2008). The aftermath of the American Civil War was intended to be a time of hope and unity.

A huge downfall that was evident in the Reconstruction period was seen in the social disorder that followed the Civil War. For example, he ratified the ten percent law which allowed southern states, War America entered period called “Reconstruction” to help mend America. The Reconstruction Era was a time period full of political, economic, other political change, or battle is more scandalous than Reconstruction. Northern opportunists used the events to make their own money in the South, of which very little was put back into the land. Yet the social mess that followed showed clear failures in reconstruction. Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. The start of reconstruction began in the mid-late 1860s and finished in 1877, but even today is still labeled one of the most debated issues in American history on whether post war reconstruction was a success or failure as well as a contest over the memory, meaning, and ending of the war. It was established in 1865 and initiated by Abraham Lincoln, with the aim to enforce the new promised black freedoms and aid the freed slaves in poverty. There was a message sent in this form of murder that made it clear to black citizens that they could not prosper as a people within Southern society.

However, most of the radicals were not of this opinion, as it was not paying attention to the rights of slaves. Even so, there had been such a reliance on slavery that many land/ plantation owners could not afford to continue such production. There was still the sense of ownership that had been present throughout the reign of slavery. Southern whites rejected all forms of equality and… One of such leader was President Abraham Lincoln who came up with the plan of emancipating slaves. Northern business opportunists who took advantage of the matter made things worse economically speaking. They limited the new found freedoms to a standard that appeared similar to slavery. At a time when America was trying to piece itself back together, the Reconstruction Era is one of the most important chapters in history. They hoped to work on behalf of the newly emancipated slaves and set up their own schemes in the much needed development of industry, in order to exploit the Southern misfortune.

To export a reference to this article please select a referencing style below: Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. The White South was left penniless, with very little opportunity for economic growth. A final key area of failure in Reconstruction was the social unrest and violence that followed the end of the Civil War.


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