research integrity: case studies

When we began, we understood very little about equine fat biology and its association with health in horses. The Continuum from Research Integrity to Research Misconduct, Use of Animals at Michigan State University, Browse the list of MSU Colleges, Deparments, and Programs, Graduate degrees offered by Michigan State University, Guidelines that recognize the rights and responsibilities, Find all relevant pre-application information for all of, A subdivision of a major for specialized study which, Non-degree-granting programs to expand a student's, Doctoral and Plan A document submission process. 3 - Plagiarism. Now What? Biased Peer Review or Flawed Methodology? Each of these is important in developing interventions we can use on farms and especially in developing vaccines which have been a success story in helping control Salmonella. A RESEARCHER broadly includes all who contribute to the process of research according to the standards in their field. How Impact Factors Impact You (1:57) What can be done to Promote Research Integrity? No cases were detected in 2014. In Europe it is estimated 1 in every 100 people are infected with Campylobacter each year and that most of these cases are from infected poultry meat. We have studied two formulations of amphotericin B: amphotericin B deoxycholate and liposomal amphotericin B. (2:52), Reproducibility or Luck? Strategies to promote a climate of academic integrity and minimize student cheating and plagiarism. A series to raise awareness, encourage dialog and inspire creative problem solving for challenges in maintaining integrity in peer review. Follow the story of Dr. Thompson's laboratory. 2011 Jan-Feb;29(1):104-8. doi: 10.1016/j.urolonc.2010.09.014. It was considered a breakthrough paper that answered a major question in a scientific field. Two cases involved cheating in graded assignments, and five cases … (2:12)  |  Research integrity and misconduct: first-hand experiences of plagiarism and data manufacture. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. In conclusion, plagiarism seems to be widespread in resource-limited settings and a greater response with educational and zero-tolerance components is needed to prevent it. Do you brush off the investigator and figure you will not let the contact influence your review of that application? Learn more about Integrity and Confidentiality in Peer Review. These studies identified that not all animals respond in the same manner to the same weight loss diet. These case study videos address topics such as mentoring relationships, authorship, publication, data integrity, and potential research misconduct. If you would like further information, please contact us. A research team from a prominent laboratory published an article in a prestigious academic journal. Embellished Credentials in a Grant Application: A Case Study Undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students' perceptions of plagiarism and academic honesty. Cryptococcal meningitis is a rapidly lethal fungal infection that involves the brain and the lining of brain. Research and response A series to raise awareness, encourage dialog and inspire creative problem solving for challenges in maintaining integrity in peer review. Case: Research Integrity Jones is a highly successful entrepreneurial academic scientist. Unfortunately, not all changes have been positive. The situation is complex and ‘simple solutions’ such as ‘feeding the horse more or less’ are far from simple to effect under domestic conditions, without causing further negative impacts on health. His relationship with his former PI has helped him immensely in the past, but he is eager to escape from under his shadow. Our work uses experimental infections in the type of chicken used commercially. The quality of our reputation depends on the quality of our research and scholarship.

We also use cultured chicken cells, the waxworm (Galleria melonella) insect infection model and mathematical modelling approaches which has allowed us to use fewer animals in better designed experiments but ultimately most of our work requires the complexity of the whole animal. We also provide our subscribers with case study packs for their own use. What happens when it is discovered that one of the reviewers currently set to review an application, had been listed as one of the key personnel on an application with the same PI in another, recent study section? You Suspect Research Misconduct. He goes to great lengths to seek approval from his PI. There are only several agents that can be used to treat this infection. Two cases involved cheating in graded assignments, and five cases correspond to plagiarism in the thesis protocol. Horse and pony owners are acutely aware of the challenges of both maintaining body weight in elderly animals and minimizing the risk of laminitis in obese ponies. How you can help. Review Integrity - Abuse of Power: A Case Study. Research Ethics Cases are a tool for discussing scientific integrity. It does NOT include the names of individuals whose administrative actions periods have expired. Obesity and insulin resistance (IR) are major risk factors for laminitis, a systemic condition that presents as extreme foot pain and often warrants euthanasia. NIH Without this evidence, the clinical trials are too risky to conduct and cannot proceed. Follow the story of Dr. Thompson’s laboratory. Maintaining ponies of a common breed (Welsh Mountain ponies) and gender (mares), under normal but carefully standardised husbandry and nutritional conditions, allows us to minimise sources of variation between animals. (4:08), Reproducibility or Luck? Plagiarism in nursing education: an integrative review. Now What? To Proceed or Not to Proceed Without Raw Data? COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. The Misuse of Placeholders (2:14) Even though the setting is a health sciences laboratory the topics are very relevant to collaborative research in other disciplines. This ‘microbiome’ is altered in obese and old horses in a way that can leave them susceptible to metabolic disease when challenged with ‘energy-rich’ but commonly used foods, including grass and cereals.

Despite its far-reaching implications, plagiarism is poorly acknowledged and discussed in the academic setting, and insufficient evidence exists in Latin America and developing countries to inform the development of preventive strategies. Plagiarism is a serious, yet widespread type of research misconduct, and is often neglected in developing countries. Papers produced in a laboratory normally list many people in the laboratory as authors, but the first named author is the primary person responsible for the paper.

Previously it was thought that the bacteria lived in one part of the chicken gut called the caeca, but we know that some variants can survive through the full length of the gastrointestinal system. Now What? Understanding this is important in processing poultry carcasses to reduce the risk of contamination. We have learned that the bacteria in spontaneously passed faeces are representative of the gastrointestinal microbiome. His research team performs brilliantly conceived studies with precision and completeness.  |  Our research groups are working to understand why some animals are more susceptible to obesity and laminitis, in order to find practical solutions to minimise risk and to provide veterinary surgeons with evidence-based advice, with which to direct animal owners and managers. Lynch J, Everett B, Ramjan LM, Callins R, Glew P, Salamonson Y. J Clin Nurs. Now What?

To Proceed or Not to Proceed Without Raw Data? The following cases are anonymized, but based on real events. William would never have fabricated an entire dataset; he just added … Epub 2011 May 18. Urol Oncol. Louw Q, Grimmer-Somers K, Bialocerkowski A. Physiother Res Int. So reducing the levels in chicken flocks should lead to a reduction in human cases. 2017 Oct;26(19-20):2845-2864. doi: 10.1111/jocn.13629. When Authorship Gets Personal (2:33)  |  He completed his Ph.D. in India and came to the U.S. to bolster his professional reputation. That is, most people will cheat, but not so much that they feel the need to view themselves as cheaters. We have developed robust, stable-isotope methods for evaluating ‘fatness’ and metabolic rate in horses and ponies and have improved our understanding of how fat deposited at specific anatomical sites can vary in function. We are fortunate in having a dedicated poultry unit and expert technical staff in Liverpool. The videos are followed by trigger questions for further reflection/discussion. Modernisation and changes in economic focus have served to shift the demographics of the UK equine population away from traditional working roles and towards leisure and recreation. Recent surveys have shown 70% of supermarket chicken in the UK has Campylobacter. Animal behaviour scientists have also built upon our work and shown infection leads to negative behavioural changes in flocks too. Data Cherry Picking (2:57) Students at fault did not engage in further plagiarism. When the core values of peer review are compromised, funding decisions may be based on improper or inaccurate information; proprietary information may be compromised; the public may lose trust in science; and patients in clinical studies may be harmed.

Even though the setting is a health sciences laboratory the topics are very relevant to collaborative research in other disciplines. 2009 Oct 1;73(6):105. doi: 10.5688/aj7306105. By providing a focus for discussion, cases help staff involved in research to define or refine their own standards, to appreciate alternative approaches to identifying and resolving ethical problems, and to develop skills … Timeline of cases of academic misconduct in the Masters in Epidemiologic Research Program…, NLM He and his wife are expecting their first child soon. We asked the question whether very short courses of therapy result in the same antifungal effect as standard daily therapy. Biased Peer Review or Flawed Methodology?


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