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I do believe that Rob was authentic in his interview, and I believe he spoke his mind. He and his wife were united by virtue, so in death they will not be separated. However, it is stated that physical size, fitness levels can greatly alter this number. They rammed him with their car and he fell to the roof below. Rey sounds like a decent and much-loved man who died far too young, in terrible fear and probably alone. Rey Rivera, Mystery on the Rooftop, Missing Details from Netflix Episode. Unsolved Mysteries is streaming now on Netflix. Her husband, she recalls, freaked out. When he recuperates, the man suffers from total amnesia, without identity or background... except for a range of extraordinary talents in fighting, linguistic skills and self-defense that speak of a dangerous past. The FBI announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. One writer, however, thinks that one or more of his friends may have been involved in his death. The Da Vinci Code - Implying the note is a code, Seven - When retiring police Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) tackles a final case with the aid of newly transferred David Mills (Brad Pitt), they discover a number of elaborate and grizzly murders. From what I have read – friends, family and business associates, none would say that Rey was undergoing any kind of mental health crisis at the time of his death. Potentially it could have been a vehicle parked at either end of the garage, I guess. #unsolvedmysteries #whodidthis, "Our goal is to present a balanced story, and I don't express opinions because I don't know," Meurer says.

Wow, your theory should be voted higher. But I'm just a layperson (albeit a former psych major) - so who knows?

When Joel discovers that Clementine is going to extremes to forget their relationship, he undergoes the same procedure and slowly begins to forget the woman that he loved. “It really hit me then.”. Stanley Kubrick- his death was a huge conspiracy due to the timing. of a fancy hotel and goes through the (glass) roof. Thank you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries.

Was he found 43 horizontal feet away from the ledge of the roof? Up until this point, I have concentrated on the points that are probably a bit throw away and explainable. He's actually remarried now, to a lovely woman, which is one of the things we didn't talk about in the episode. Id like to point out that the hotel employees saying he would have to be pushed from the roof sounds a little fishy to me. It is, however, what happened next, that gave me pause when I read it: • A few days after the incident at the track, something happened at the couple’s home: “And then, a few days later, the alarm in the couple’s Northwood home went off, sending her husband bounding out of bed. Though many believed the many testimonies given by the resident of the town about their alien encounter, one element did not ring true for one Reddit user. I have a hard time believing that someone shoved a 250 pound man hard enough to cover that distance. Was it suicide?

again, all mentions of members, viewers, participants of the "game" are just more fictional audience members of his show, which if he perceived the show to be real life in this stream of thoughts, then the participants will include people he knows in his personal life, along with the audience members of his imagination. One of these movies was The Game. Congratulations to all who participated. Regardless, it is a tragedy.

For Rey Rivera, maybe it was the something that drove him to that roof. - Was his family in danger? I feel like these might be a bit of a reach, but the movies/songs preceding "The Game" also tell a story: Underneath "Meet Joe Black" (with "Black" potentially referring to himself ['Minority']) is "Minority Report" - "A future technology makes it possible for cops to catch criminals before a crime is committed. I will bullet the main issues I find strange, and try to keep it as brief as possible. Immediately, I thought: OF COURSE! Netflix’s new true crime show Unsolved Mysteries asks viewers to submit tips if they have any information about the real-life cases covered, and already, the producers have received a surge in tips, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Rivera was known to always carry it with him and his wife saw it in his hand the day of his disappearance. He had previously attended Film School. They never mention that. They could easily be prescribed as just random tidbits in the case or put down to some kind of mental episode that Mr Rivera was experiencing. Rivera had been expressing an interest in Freemasonry in the months and weeks before his death. This was roughly a year before Rivera joined the company. It definitely is pretty cohesive. After Rey’ death Agora sent out a memorandum to all staff, forbidding them from speaking about the Rey Rivera case with any media outlets or other parties. However, for someone else to propel him that distance is another matter entirely. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. ", Unbreakable - "David, a security guard, survives a fatal train accident, only to be tracked down by a man named Elijah Price, who claims that David is blessed with superhuman abilities." Or – and this kind of breaks my heart – If Rey was in the middle of a mental episode, events really conspired to make him feel he was justified in whatever paranoia he was experiencing.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. For comparison, Jonah Lomu weighed about the same amount, and could famously run the 100m in less than 11 seconds. “One of these movies was The Game. Remembering that Fa = -Fb, trying to propel a 250lb man that distance is no trivial feat. He was a creative man – he had recently completed a screenplay and wanted to produce/make movies. What happened to the adored Georgia salon owner and mother? More posts from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries. It just strikes me that a week is not much time to keep security footage before deleting.

Check auto body shop records near Porter’s house and all other Argo employees at the time. / "Alice runs after and searches for endlessly in Wonderland, a symbol of her quest for knowledge", Maybe as a "writer" at his new job, Rey was writing these type of codes for other people/spying and he got caught (this could also explain why Money Bags and co refuses to talk) - that's just what I think right off the bat, but whatever this may actually mean, it marks a confirmation that you've figured it out, With this in mind, what do you think about how I think he died?

The fact that the medical examiner declared Rey’s death ‘undetermined’ is quite big. There's no way a hole like that could be made at the angle that you're suggesting. Among the list of movies is "The Game" which conveniently includes a guy who jumps off a building and falls through a roof and onto a landing pad ( - could this be a reference to the same method used to create the hole before placing his body there? Rey’s body rode on the hood/windshield til the killer slammed on the brakes. Unsolved Mysteries co-creator shares update on Rey Rivera case. "Rob is a character since the moment we met him," Meurer says. There is a George Rayburn who is executive vice president of The Oxford Club , part of the Agora companies - one of the longest running financial newsletters in the world. Click to see spoiler. Anyway, my apologies for the massive post and I hope the information contained herein is of some interest or use. track 3 "Kids with Guns" and "Confessions on a Dancefloor" track 1 - Hung Up - the lyrics might refer to the phonecall he received and being powerless "Every little thing that you say or do I'm hung up, I'm hung up on you Waiting for your call, baby, night and day I'm fed up, I'm tired of waiting on you /track 3 - "Sorry" (maybe for putting his wife's life in danger? This forced would also explain the broken flip flop. There is one big scene at the end of the movie where the main character jumped off the roof (!) This could be the escalating paranoia of someone in the midst of some kind of crisis. Either someone really was threatening Rey and his wife/sending a message. It’s not so rambly of a note as you first see it. Just a simple repurposing of a quote for his own situation. Now, because this is a pretty rudimentary coding system, the sum of the letter/numbers can represent many different words and phrases, meaning you can put in something like "chicken" and that will numerogically (not a word, I know) match up with something like "Coca-Cola", and a bunch of other words/phrases. Bizarre. That was a well-played game.

However, a user of the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit claiming to be a former employee of the hotel suggests a route that Rivera (or his potential killer) could have made through the hotel that avoided detection. Immediately, I thought: OF COURSE! You have the chance to solve a mystery. By the looks of it, it appears he did a god damn pencil dive off a roof somewhere. Now imagine how many people you'd need to throw that same person the same distance. Rey wasn’t seen in the hotel because he was never in the hotel. In a delirious state, I, in my own imagination, thought I was a host to a fictional audience in some weird game show (crazy right) sort of like "breaking the fourth wall" in my own fantasy.


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