self blue merle australian shepherd for sale
I'm biased because Rosie is so pretty, but all the cast and crew did a great job! He is such a good dog and I couldn’t be happier with him. We will send out emails when Planning New Litters and when they arrive!!!!!

More info at 612 412 1031. He is also quite the comedian - keeping us in stitches much of the time with his antics. He's very smart, we got him a toy that makes him do little tasks to get a treat and he absolutely loves it. Griffin is doing great! Wynne is doing great!

They will want to chase and herd anything that moves and catches their eye. She is so smart too. Kemble is loaded with natural ability when it comes to live stock. Shiner was a special little girl. LOVES LOVES LOVES people! Deposit received 6-29-2019 Paint's red bi male Steven D. Atalanta Ga. Deposit received 7-08-2019 Nola's blue merle male Carroll M. Locust Grove, Va. She will try several solutions before getting a human to help. He is simply a fabulous dog! We wanted to breed foundation lines where temperament, willingness to please, brainpower, physical condition, and natural instincts are foremost. Welcome to T & R Australian Shepherds, Located in Stacy, Minnesota; we run a small dog breeding operation specializing in Australian Shepherd or Aussies. Bailey has blossomed into a beautiful lady! Reuben, a.k.a Tucker has already bonded to Emily and is her little velcro baby. Deposits are only accepted upon our prior approval. Minature 12″ tall. He will stand there and stand there for pets. It’s her most favorite activity in the whole wide world!”, December 23, 2014 “Last month Rosie filmed a Pet Insurance commercial for an advertising class. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The quantity of undercoat varies with climate. I tried getting him a female mate, mini, and never could get her housebroke. She's also fully desensitized to paws, ears, and mouth touching...the vet LOVES her. Congratulations to Patty Wheeler! Kemble is loaded with natural ability when it comes to live stock. A health certificate, shipping crate, bedding, water cups and round trip to the clinic and airport. He will be missed. Mandi is a Blue Merle Female - Left Blue, AMERICAN Kc reg and APRI as well. Hux is doing great. ;O), Rosie has been a busy girl. All Rights Reserved. She will make Voison Family an AWESOME companion dog and is athletic enough for agility. Skye totally stole my heart. Your advice on spending 1:1 time with both dogs has worked WONDERS! Md. Cooper is a very loving boy. Ginger loves to play and LOVES the water. Can't thank you enough . He is attentive, smart, pleasing and cuddly. Congratulations to the Mirtich family! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The minimum requirement for one of our puppies is a secure fenced in area for the puppy. We have tried compiling together a number of articles. Marley loved children right from the start. She is super easy to train and will go out of her way to please. or want more information? The selected ones below should at least get you started on the right path. Her and Tacoma play together hours every single day, pulling each others neck tuff. Pyro combines some of the best working lines known for natural ability. He is cautious of the new baby, but adjusting well and he loves to lick her toes.

New Litter Born 10/28/15 Just in time for Christmas. He is very affectionate and never misses a chance to jump on a lap and settle in. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. We are so in love with him.. he's been such a great addition to the family. We're taking her sheep herding tomorrow in Malibu. Sort.

What is your favorite color of Australian Shepherd? Darwin is doing great! She has high energy and drive. Contact us with any questions about owning, raising, or purchasing a world class Australian Shepherd puppy from Rising Sun Farm! Lucy loves to play ball and loved to catch the frisbie. Sumo is a people dog. Deposit received 6-19-2019 Paints blue merle male Joseph V. Winston Salem, NC. More info at 612 412 1031. Those are the stories that inspire us! I have a blue merle male with copper points. She is obedient, respectful and very intelligent.

Owning and Puppy Australian Shepherd is not for everyone. She's brought so much love and fun to our lives.

Simon took to Patty and her parents and he was so friendly and gentle.

Finley is sold. He loves to play ball and is a big cuddler! we are just a phone call or a few clicks away...,, Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale - Adoption, Rescue, Australian Shepherd Puppy Adoption, Rescue,,,, Indigo - Spanish Bulldog (Alano Espanol) Puppies for Sale. Congratulations Berger family! Akhari is staying at TNR Aussies, and is being concidered and avaluated for future breading programs. Although Sumo was never put on cattle, she naturally herded all the lose chickens up with no casualties. We really enjoy watching him grow and his personality develop. Patty drove 2 hours with her parents to meet Simon.

Our dogs come from champion bloodlines and excel in every venue. He's already a stunning boy, I look forward in seeing him grow! BORN: June 8- 2019 | ~ ABBIE IS BEAUTIFUL~ A wonderful blend of talented working dogs. He is a high drive animated dog with an out going friendly temperament. I know it was a long wait, but it was truly an honor to meet you both and I know Zazz will be loved forever. Kemble is loaded with natural ability when it comes to live stock. They are intelligent, gorgeous, have healthy teeth/gums, and are loyal beyond belief. This guy has my heart and always will.

He’s picking up great on simple commands. He is Stunningly Gorgeous. Nick's breeding includes some for the finest "blend" of working and. Lindy is sold. Should I just get him a male buddy?


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