shaggy vs shrek

Shrek let him self die to fool the audience and Shaggy because he wants to manipulate others and to show to his future opponents that he may worry about that he can overkill them by making his future opponents think that he's weak but in reality, Shrek is just literally omnipotent god who can defeat and destroy anything that may get in his path or way to complete his tasks and objectives for himself. 18 February 2019 Canon Better yet.
). I say shrek. R1: Base Shaggy and Scooby vs. Shrek and Donkey. And that's almost impossible to do on your own. Shrek at full power matches Shaggy at 20% of his power, However since Shaggy has no limit, Neither does Shrek. He is so handsome and i want his ogre seed in me. Now, Shaggy had the last pass. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass!

After all, He is undefeated and unbeatable, but has … 2 Even if shaggy had the infinity gauntlet, He would still have to use 50% of his power to even stand a chance against the one true ogrelord. Episode The battle is at Shrek's swamp. Shaggy used his power and Shrek jumped next to him chopping away both of his hands. He has no percent of power because numbers are too small to calculate his power level. Posted by 11 months ago. Much more powerful than saitama and thanos COMBINED. Power Doesn't Corrupt HimShrek is a humble omnipotent god who can easily defeat anyone but who won't reveal it. He is a madman with 500 IQ only if he use 1% of his brain power. Shrek began play The Final Countdown on the MIDI to charge up his power. best. Meme. Would lose. Comment deleted … It would be a waste of his true ogre powers. Shrek wins round one. Shrek was formed when Shaggy high-five Jesus actually, This was shortly after Shaggy stepped on Thanos, The radiation formed from the high five subsequently formed Shrek.

Now, To the finale. Shrek would be Shaggy if Shrek had the N-Word pass, However if we bring in Ultra Instinct Shaggy, This would be way different. shrek (shrek) vs shaggy (scooby doo) Battle. Shrek only let Shaggy win the battle of the N word pass because he knew it would be to easy to defeat Shaggy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However ive seen that theres are a few cases where some discrepencies seem to point to shrek having anywhere from a 3-7% chance at victory and thats if these 2 or 3 mix ups are correct, However i believe that with the assistance of the boys or shreks tean that number could go up to 10 % itll be tough but shaggy wins, Because shaggy can create and destroy universes with a blink but shrek is an immortal meme yet shaggy could defeat all memes except the true god pepe he is amazing pepe will destroy all with his power and his meme stone to destroy the universe like a god yes is. He shot a beam of swamp energy at Shaggy, and Shaggy shot a beam of energy at Shrek's swamp to stop him from getting energy. Shrek vs shaggy. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Little did Shrek know, Shaggy was absorbing Shrek's power. Close. but mocking spongebob is helping him in round 2? Shrek would clearly be the victor within this duel. Press J to jump to the feed. Therefore, Shrek is truly an omnipotent god. shrek (shrek) vs shaggy (scooby doo) Battle. Shrek and America is love, Shrek and America is life. Shrek has no limit. The almighty shaggy is the strongest being to ever exist. Shrek would not let the Pass fall into hands as evil as Shaggy's, so he did not surrender it. Shrek has proven time and time again that he is powerful enough to easily defeat Shaggy.
01% OF HIS POWER! User Lists: 0 #51 JeffoTheBoy.


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