shotgun slug damage

Time limit exceeded. I’m a retired LEO firearms instructor. While the few instances in which the shotgun was used by my agency were impressive, I did not give the shotgun slug much thought until I entered service in a mountain region. Patch 1.27 introduced a variety of weapon changes, one of which was the shotgun slug buff. If you fire a group that is well centered and the following hits are high, then you are flinching and losing control of the shotgun. Could I still use 12g slugs? Please refer to the ballistics information for each slug found in the individual Product Sheets. Yes, once the slugs leaves the muzzle of the shotgun it will rise - flying somewhat like an arrow. So long as you haven’t overbored your barrel you will be fine. I shoot an 870 remington rifled barrel,catileavered with a nikon slughunter 3-9-40 scope and hornady sabots. These slugs burn clean and provide an excellent option for those hunting with solid shot. }, Chances are you have used, or certainly seen, a Mossberg 500 at least once in your life. You can shoot any foster type slug through a smooth bore. Today, there are several types of shotgun slugs that you can choose from and each has a specific purpose and performance standards. They are a different shape so they act as if the shotgun has been rifled.

The damage could be quite extensive, possibly fatal if a major artery was severed. To be technically correct, when the barrel is rifled the shotgun becomes a rifle using a shotgun action. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! This is the reason why we chose to market it somewhat differently and not change any of the ballistics. And yes this is a 40.18 METER 1 shot. The shotgun slug is an overlooked answer to many problems. Do you need a dehydrator to make deer jerky? Therefore, one would expect the gun to be accurate at 10-15 meters. It’s my assumption that most home defense situations happen at 15′ or less and buckshot works great at this range in any shotgun without over penatration concerns. I sincerely believe that a shotgun is the As a result, along with a new  plastic over powder wad, there has been a significant improvement in both the 12 and 16 GA. Classic slugs. A slug should fire just fine, without damaging your barrel, regardless of whether it has a rifled or smooth bore or what size choke you have. The Magnum Crush/Gold Magnum is designed for rifle barrels only. I had to research this a few times lately.

It is highly specialized and isn’t useful for anything, save firing slugs. Here is a simple breakdown: A rifled bore has a machined, almost spiraled, barrel. A rifled slug is made for a smooth bore shotgun and it is best to use a IC choke . You will ruin the rifling in your barrel by shooting a rifled slug from a rifled barrel.

So much of whether or not you can use them is really based on whether or not you should use them. shoot a two-by-four from about 20 feet Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, I did discover how useful a slug would be in a general use defensive shotgun, and also how accurate the slug could be in a rifled barrel. At least, that’s how it should work in theory. What is slug? This article contains everything you need to know about shootings slugs with your Mossberg 500.

Where you point the gun is where the bullet will go.

When I can, it’ll shoot 2-3 inch groups at 100 yards. with all the energy primaries this season you could only hope that next season and with the release of beyond light that bungo introduces some good burst damage weapons in the kinetic slot. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I began testing shotgun slugs. A close examination of big game record books quickly reveals one strikingly consistent fact; the overwhelming majority of trophy book whitetails are found in shotgun slug-only states. Interesting.

I never fired buckshot until I became a peace officer. Regardless, the season 6 update does have a lot of bugs and this might just be one of them. The was a huge improvement over the Winchester Ranger 1 ounce slugs our agency had carried for years. It doesn’t like the older rifled slugs much. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt.

A second fired slug with any obstruction inside the barrel will result in damaging the shotgun and possible injury. If that were the case they simply wouldn’t still make them. For the unaware, the slug is a shotgun attachment that increases the pellet damage of the gun. DO wipe down the exterior with a cloth and use a cotton swab to clean the insides. I use a 870 Express with a smooth shortened barrel with a scope. it can damage your barrel especialy if you shoot them more than a few times around the same period of time because if the barrel gets to hot the slug dosent have rotation that it needs and can warp the barrel, you can get a barrel for slugs at gun, or pawn shops for a good price. or shells with the disc projectiles. He spotted an enemy about 40 meters away, camping behind a shed. I topped it w/ a Leopold 1-4 matte finished scope, base and rings. Irregardless of the gauge you use The further the distance you are firing the bigger this area becomes.

So shoot a few slugs, take your gun apart, and check if you have any damage to your barrel. 's blog. Good luck with whichever barrel you end up choosing! These slugs are pretty fast. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. To understand why it is important to understand what the differences between a rifled and a smooth bore are. A .410 is small, The full power 1,300 fps load did a little better at 1.6 inches. A rifled slug is made for a smooth bore shotgun and it is best to use a IC choke . This works great out to 150 yards or so. Normal shotgun rounds are often bigger than slugs, so while your slug may fire it is going to be very inaccurate. Another use is the police force. My mossberg 500 comes with 2 barrels.


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