similarities between marvel and dc
Both Swamp Thing and Man Thing probably owe a debt to the Heap though, a similar character that can be traced all the way back to 1942 and was published by Hillman Periodicals. In one corner lies Marvel with Black Widow, who has been the leading feminine role in most recent films. Red Tornado dated Kathleen Sutton and the two adopted a daughter. Some of these heroes share a great deal more. Their stories are currently dominating the silver screen of our summers, wrestling with Star Wars. DC movies gained a reputation for being dark, serious and gritty while Marvel movies were much rather loved for being humorous, colorful and entertaining for both children and adults alike. $18 Kitchen Invention 'Eggbears' Makes Boiling And Holding Brown Eggs Easy And Fun.

These titans of the comic industry have been there since comics became more than a handful of panels in the funny-pages of the daily newspaper. Their temperament is pretty close. Required fields are marked *. Not only that, they have made their brands into pop culture icons. There’s fun (DC also has “fun”, but not quite like Marvel), there’s an aura of innocence and there’s even bubbly music (Guardians of the Galaxy) and curse words (Deadpool) to make it extremely welcoming to all kinds of fans. Fascinated by music, movies and sitcoms, I'm passionate about social media and can't live without the internet, especially for all the cute dog and cat pictures out there. Spector is basically that broken psyche taken one step further, with him descending into actual madness. While those early stories were great, it was Alan Moore (Watchmen), who took over the book in its second volume, that made the Swamp Thing so much more. Both are synthetic creations that long to find their humanity. They are both fierce warriors with near identical power sets. While employing the Rogerian argument, the author looked at the themes and characters that are covered in Marvel and DC comics. There are many DC and Marvel heroes with equivalent power sets.

But Marvel’s heroes gain their superhuman abilities through accidents and freak occurrences like radioactive spider-bites, genetic mutation, a super-soldier program, or being exposed to gamma rays. Kevin Fiege’s career was climbing the ladder within Marvel Studios. Hey Pandas, Tell Us A Funny Story That Happened On Halloween? While both series have plenty a mix of characters with wondrous or tragic origins (Superman being the last of his kind, Batman losing both his parents in an alley, Magneto surviving Auschwitz etc. Hey Pandas, Did You Carve A Pumpkin For Halloween? Here are 15 DC and Marvel Characters Who Are Strikingly Similar. Marvel has a criminal named Ebenezer Laughton, who also goes by the alias Scarecrow. Two almost identical characters conceived by two different publishers at the same time! Let us know what your favorite universe is in the comments below! Another difference is the fact that marvel embraces the dark age of comic books and 90’s anti heroes while DC tends to look towards the Silver age. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. It’s funny how this divides even the most hardcore comic book fan but for me I’m Marvel. For instance, they prompted a young Israeli woman to play Wonder Woman, an African American man as Cyborg, a Polynesian as Aquaman, and an openly gay actor as Flash in the recent Justice League movie. Pandas, Show Us Some Spooky Halloween Costumes Or Decorations You Have! So the story goes: Niceieza took one look the sketches of this Deadpool character and said, "This is Deathstroke from the Teen Titans." All Rights Reserved. Marvel’s key roster are far more likely to be ordinary people: Many DC heroes are widely respected in their universe. Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! There have been a couple incarnations of both of these guys, but the two with the most in common are Ray Palmer and Hank Pym (both of the Silver Age). Every DC character seems to have a Marvel counterpart, but there are many for whom the similarities run much deeper than a power set. Marvel and DC universes continue to grow an expanding audience and gain higher demand in today’s pop culture. Whether it’s comics, film, television or merchandise, these guys have been duking it out for a really long time. Ultimately, this unique blend of characters was combined to form the 2012 classic The Avengers. I think you're asking how the stories and/or art are different between the two companies, correct? Their love lives share a strange similarity as well.

It will be quite interesting to see how each of these comic book publishers will continue to evolve over time. Of course, there’s the exception of Thor, the God of Thunder. Superman’s got Kal-El, his father Jor-El, his cousin Kara-Zor-El, a clone brother Kor-El and Kal-El’s half-human son Jonathan Samuel Kent. DC and Marvel have been competing fans for many years, since generally anyone who reads Marvel does not read DC and vice versa, it’s just that story of Coca-Cola x Pepsi, Xbox One x PS4, Mario x Sonic. For Marvel however, you only really get this idea of lineages with Mutants, the Inhuman Royal Family and the Fantastic Four. Both are goddesses that were raised on completely isolated islands. A few months isn’t much time to steal an idea and execute it. The similarity is that, both incorporated all heroes in one setting, attempted to focus on different genres that disregarded superheroes, and started developing heroes again by adding more personal issues to the comics. Let’s not even get started on the 2019 movie, The Joker, which is probably DC’s darkest and most disturbing yet.

DC, on the other hand, is known for creating the most notorious Batman trilogy to date. Speaking of both Squadron Supreme and Supreme Power, Hyperion is another hero that began as a thinly veiled attempt to copy a DC hero, only to later be reimagined into something else entirely. Although the two heroes were very much the same when introduced, they have since majorly diverged, especially personality-wise. Both men have died and come back to tell the tale. Deathstroke and Deadpool don't just have dissimilar backstories; their personalities are also absolutely nothing alike. One of the coolest things about the way these guys were brought back is how, well-- cool they were. It all started with Rob Liefeld's designs for the assassin that he and co-creator Fabian Nicieza wanted to incorporate into New Mutants. Regardless of where they started out their hero’s journey, or villain's in Clint’s case, both wound up key members of the premier superhero squad in their universes. Detective Comics was a series of detective stories inspired by the noir crime genre, while Marvel Comics were outlandish tales of fantasy or science fiction. DC’s heroes are generally born with their phenomenal powers and it’s part of who they are – which is yet again, fantastical.


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