stripes haircut scene
When Capt Stilwell pulls the pin on the grenade, he could easily have reinserted the original pin, or a paper clip, or use cellophane tape to secure the spoon to the grenade body. He may as well just say he has changed his mind and walk away. Factual error: The Czechoslovakian Border Guards are armed with what appears to be an Uzi submachine gun fitted with a stock. In the military, blue is the code color for "Inert" or disabled. The Bride's yellow tracksuit with black side stripes has become a iconic costume in film history. You can sign in to vote the answer. When Russell and Louise are in the General's living room about to play their charade, they move table with a chess set on it that is incorrectly set up. 660k members in the WatchItForThePlot community. Whether you like reading … Continued Ramis's character is speaking to reporters but what he's saying doesn't match up to his lips talking. John loses his stocking cap reaching into his car while it is getting repossessed. ... Murray's knit cap moves on and off his head during the scene.

New recruits are told at the military processing center that they will submit to a urine drug screen upon arrival at boot camp, therefore Judge Rheinhold's character trying to hide his drugs is pointless. We've been kicking ass for 200 years!

He may as well just say he has changed his mind and walk away.

During the graduation review, one of the soldiers is carrying an American flag with gold fringe. Stillman to a weather station above the arctic circle if he screws up again. We're the mutts. Sergeant Hulka states at one point that he has been in the Army for 28 years, yet on his dress uniform he wears the ribbon for the WWII Victory Medal. You can tell by the big 5 mph crash bumpers and fake plate just resting on the real plate to hide it. Colonel Glass says he will transfer Capt. When he talks about why he joined the Army, presumably at the end of the same day, his hair looks as if it has grown out for at least two weeks. Soles, Warren Oates. In the training shots, where all the soldiers are covered in mud and running through the field with the music playing, in the wide-screen version, the camera crew is visible on the right for a few seconds. The next shot, he lowers it again. When they are escaping from the prison camp, they knock over grungy, drab green 55 gal drums, which are nice and shiny inside. Curly Scene Hairstyles.. disobeyed that order for safety reasons. An extended cut scene reveals that this scene was actually at their hotel room in Germany as evidenced by the fireplace in the room and John's green Hawaiian shirt. In Louisville, Ky, the airport is not across the river. This is to make sure that live explosives or weapons are not used in training sessions for obvious reasons. Col. Glass has two ribbons reversed. Every soldier present at the graduation ceremony in a dress uniform is wearing the National Defense Service Medal, awarded to all military personnel who serve during a period where the U.S. is in conflict with another nation; except Captain Stillman. Sergeant Hulka's right arm patch is the 1st Cavalry Division. at a training facility, this pin would not be worn. In actuality Capt. Factual error: Even in the '80s obesity was a strict disqualification for military service.

(00:47:00 - 00:47:45). Capt. The mud wrestling is a form of gambling, betting money on winning. Stella and John pop out of the wood foot locker supposedly in Gen Barnicke's house. Hiding his stash makes no sense at all as it will not solve his immediate problem. When the men are practicing for graduation they are using M1 rifles. The Most Controversial Athletes Of All Time, Beauty Trendspotting: Black Mermaid Waves Are In. In Capt Stillman's office, he pulls the pin out of a grenade and hands it to the corporal. After graduation, recruits become their rank, then are assigned their MOS (Military Occupation Specialty), then shipped to the needed commands.

Visible crew/equipment: At the prison camp, during the action, watch the green barrels by the side of a building. All the Army installations are in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

In the end scene, We see it did indeed happen to him. but then he turns right to cross the bridge, making them travelling in the opposite direction. When Winger's platoon arrives at the graduation, the music has stopped, yet the band conductor's baton continues to move for several seconds. Range he orders two soldiers to fire their weapon even though it has Factual error: When the guys get their haircuts, Ox's and Cruiser's haircuts are the only ones that even come close to basic training regulation. I got a single drug test at the meps and didn't get tested again during an entire 3 year enlistment. In one scene of "Stripes" Bill Murray's character exhorts his comrades, "But we're American soldiers! July 2020 ... . I'm the former Zimbio Music Editor. The languages of Czech and Slovak that make up the former Czechslovakia use Roman character like all of the rest of western Europe. Sgt. Answer: The mud wrestling is a form of gambling, betting money on winning. You have found the premier site for hair related stories. John's taxi suddenly gains and loses a dent. When Sgt Hulka calls on the radio from Czechoslovakia, he sends the co-ordinates as "416 397". The opening scene from Stanley Kubrick's 1987 war epic, "Full Metal Jacket". Rugged olive-drab military jacket with black sunglasses and a Mohawk haircut.

Yet, later that night on liberty, they go to the mud wrestling event, and after the MPs arrive and take them back to base and Stillman is lecturing them, Stillman says that graduation is "tomorrow.". Prior to the first run, Sergeant Hulka tells the men that the run will be 10 miles rain or shine. The white van behind John's taxi disappears when an aerial view of the taxi is shown. Soldiers are seen at times wearing their utility caps, pile caps, garrison caps, and service hats indoors and not wearing them outdoors.

When Winger is going AWOL, his backpack keeps appearing and disappearing during the scene when he is laying on the ground. (01:11:00), Continuity mistake: When John drives the woman over the bridge in the cab, just before he stops the car there is a shot of the two occupants and behind the cab the bridge is deserted save for one red van. When Ox gets his hair cut at the beginning of basic training, he is shaved nearly bald. However, although many of the vehicles in the city scenes have markings or signs indicating the filming was done in the Louisville area, nothing in the dialogue specifies that the setting is Louisville or any other specific city. Still have questions? July 2020.

In such a case a replacement drill sergeant would have been assigned to the platoon immediately.

(00:47:00 - 00:47:45), Continuity mistake: When Harold Ramis pays off his pushup bet with Bill Murray, he throws the dollar bills onto Bill Murray's chest, and they move around and their number changes.


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