super metroid ascent

Very well made but unfortunately nothing memorable.

Lots of hidden paths and items with subtle hints, just as it should be. Flashback Entertainment! One of the best hacks I ever played. All new layout but still familiar. I had fun wandering around, sequence breaking, and seeing how well designed parts of this hack are. There might be soft locks. There are very minimal changes to the enemies themselves as well, usually banking on their placement to add difficulty to them. For what it is it's really well executed but for me also felt a little boring because of it. The item placement stuck fairly close to the original, and advanced techniques allowed a lot of things to be gotten early, or in a different order. This is a nice gateway hack recommended for everyone new to romhacks or fans of vanilla hacks. Solid level design. Cheers. I enjoyed nature quite well and eventually memorized the map! I'd liken Nature to a modern day 2018 (Super) Metroid Legacy. There are a few minor gripes here and there, for instance I think the escape sequence was a little too strict, and there didn't seem to be any animals to save. It places a lot of emphasis on exploration and puzzles.

Complete box sets with extra content such as posters and cards ? It enables the player to move in Morph Ball form at running speed, allowing them to morph over Pit Blocks. It keeps the feel of vanilla with unchanged physics and mostly similar tiles, but it freshens it up with new palettes, music, and a whole pile of beautiful looking rooms to explore. Only things that stuck in memory are design oddities with optional items: needing 3 supers to get another super, needing pb to get a not hidden super, needing a super to get a missile, having to do a speedball to get a missile. More Super Metroid with the same gameplay but whole new level design, new visuals and even some new mechanics. Is anyone familiar with this and knows if it’s possible to get stuck? The whole Lower Norfair sequence was very entertaining, and the escape actually managed to raise my heart rate some. Area: Area Image: Image Size: Type: Complete Map Planet Zebes.

Super Metroid Ascent is a Full / Complete hack of Super Metroid. I may have tried to sequence break a little too much :P. I've only beat hyper, ancient chozo, oxide and ascent but this hack is my favorite.

This is a joy to play. What’re your thoughts on SM: Ascent? It has one item and one sequence that is exceptional, and the rest is almost like playing a halfhack. Are you totally and utterly lost in the depths of Zebes? 18.

I'm glad this hack exists and the author should be proud of what he's accomplished,I certainly appreciated playing it. Right Click and "Save Link As" if the map won't load in your browser. Really dig that custom music :), A really good hack, I enjoy it very much, I did spend a lot of time running around the Zebes but It was pretty much my fault. Super Metroid [USA] rom for Super Nintendo (SNES) and play Super Metroid [USA] on your devices windows pc , mac ,ios and android! 10/10 would recommend. It is far too vanilla for my tastes. It is definitely one of the best vanilla hack I have played yet. This Super Metroid Hack is rated among the very best hacks of Super Metroid ever made and will be a great addition to any players collection. There were some significant acid dives in lower Norfair as well. Discussion. I seem to have gotten myself into an area in zone 2 (bottom left in a room called Kagos Hive) where I need the gravity suit + grapple to come back the way I entered and a grapple to get out the other side. Super Metroid Ascent. Navigation was too simplistic for my liking with everything feeling very straight forward. It's a great hack to play but IMO it stands well back of the more ambitious hacks on this site, many oddly rated lower. Buy any 3 item(s), get another 1 item(s) free. It has approximately the same amount of rooms as the original gane but bigger rooms and the Kinda disappointing if I have to restart. A fantastic hack that's really great for beginners who want to try a new Super Metroid experience. This hack does a pretty decent job at remaking and redesigning the original game, with improvements along the way stylistically, graphically, and in game design.


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