tattletales game show questions

Only one half of each couple played the game onstage; the other half was placed offstage with headphones. With her blazing red hair, forlorn expression and eternally pained whine, Deutsch was one of very few personalities of the era who became famous primarily for being a game show panelist, with frequent appearances on both this show and Match Game (1973). In June 1974, the format was retooled to include only the "Quickie" clues. It was hosted by Bert Convy, with several announcers including Jack Clark, Gene Wood, Johnny Olson and John Harlan providing the voiceover at various times. On all versions, the game was played in four rounds -- two with the husbands onstage, and two with the wives onstage. If the offstage half could match the description given a one- or two-word clue, s/he would receive a cash award.

On all versions, the game was

This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 00:01. On several occasions, a technical snafu among the camera crew would cause a wife or husband to appear linked with the wrong spouse in the TV screen. CBS picked it up again for a second run from 1982 through 1984. Goodson-Todman did this to save on postage as most payments to contestants were sent out by postal mail. One of the show's most entertaining regular couples was Donald Ross and Patti Deutsch, whose marriage, unlike that of many other couples on the show, lasted over time. The late Burt Convy hosted this pitiful 'game show' where no actual 'every day contestants' are featured. Uninspiring game show that features washed-up celebrities and their spouses.

During one of Ken Berry and Jackie Joseph's appearances on the show, it was revealed that Jackie dated host Bert Convy prior to Berry during the 1959 Broadway run of "The Billy Barnes Revue," in which all three of them appeared. Where the studio audience wins all the money! Tattletales aired on CBS weekday afternoons from 1974 through 1978.

Any money won by the celebrity couples was divided among Studio Audience members sitting in sections that corresponded to that couple — red, yellow (or "banana", as Convy called it), and blue. These questions alternated with "Tattletales Quickies", or multiple-choice questions involving incidents in the couples' lives.

While the two appear to be good friends, their consistently wrong answers -- and pained expressions -- clearly indicate that they know nothing of each other in romantic terms. I recall in the summer of 1973, regular programming was preempted on a network rotating basis, due to the Watergate Hearings. https://allthetropes.org/w/index.php?title=Tattletales&oldid=1832654, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. A CBS TV promo for the show teases: Bert Convy pops the questions... and stars of show business pop surprising answers. ", Chris Lemon, King Fool, Director of Suck Consolidation. During the run of the show, Convy, Ross and his wife, Patti Deutsch, made frequent mention of Ross' frugality. Similarly, with a rowdy panel under the headphones, sounds of cavorting could occasionally be heard beyond the sliding panel as their spouses silently pondered a question before the cameras. This was actually Ross' real-life nickname: As Convy explained in an early episode, Ross was known for leaving restaurants before waiters could bring the check. In hindsight, Tattletales (1974) provides a striking barometer of American consciousness during the sexual revolution, as many of the questions are sexist in nature, and the celebrities' divergent answers -- liberal, conservative and many points between -- reveal the full spectrum of the women's movement. You'd notice that on the very first Match Game '73 episode, Gene Rayburn closes the show saying "join As Bert Convy often remarked on the air, 'rookie couples' had a tendency to win big their first time out on the show. Bert Convy hosted both runs except for shows where he appeared as part of a celebrity couple with his wife Anne. Over the course of time, Bert Convy and his wife Anne were revealed to be good friends with several of the regular guest couples, particularly Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce, Orson and Carolyn Bean and Donald Ross and Patti Deutsch. Three panelists comprised of 'has-been' celebrities would sit behind a podium with a television set built into it that would screen their spouse's face from a room off to the side of the set. Game Show/Panel Game hybrid created by Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions, hosted by Bert Convy, in which three celebrity couples tried to match answers.

TattleTales (1974-1978 & 1982-1984) is a game show, hosted by Bert Convy, that involves questions asked about celebrity couples' personal lives, in which one spouse must match the others' answer, and the audience The schedule says "(April) 8...12, 15" rather than "8-12, 15", so I am assuming that an episode got pre-empted rather than there being six of them. Host Bert Convy was known for frequently tongue-twisting his words during the reading of the questions, which often led to good-natured ribbing from his celebrity guests.

Bert Convy is your host.

Was Tattletales originally to be for married celebrity couples only? Originally, the show used a format wherein Convy would ask a question, and whichever spouse was onstage would ring in and relate a similar experience. Tattletales is an American game show produced by Goodson-Todman Productions.The program had two runs on the CBS daytime schedule between February 1974 and June 1984. ". (This was the basic premise of the original version, He Said, She Said.) Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. Frequent guest Donald Ross was repeatedly referred to as 'Fast Donald' by host Bert Convy.


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