telus zte smart hub problems

I finally gave up on my smarthub today. If you have a new Apple or a non-TELUS device, you may need to ensure the correct settings are setup on device first, before being able to connect to the web. If you have low signal strength, try moving to a location with better coverage.

So it is just so many people using their hubs at the same time plus cell phone use.

Internet was very inconsistent. Yes, I have tried to restart often. The TELUS Smart Hub creates a secure WiFi network, providing Internet access for up to 15 users and simultaneous phone service using the TELUS 3G+ network. It could be maxed out why it not working! Telus has sold so many of these hubs now, the speeds have deteriorated to the point of making streaming impossible at night, it has really spoiled it for everyone with hubs in the area. Any clarification on this would be awesome! Then it gradually starts getting faster again towards midnight. It sounds to me like people are hooking up externals and getting way better signal. Can i use a wifi extender with Telus smart hub. MasterCJ117 ‎10-22-2015 09:03 PM. After midnight, speeds are always back up to 25-30 again. Should also mention that I have tried resetting the hub, disconnecting the power, etc. Not that I've done anything of the sort, of course! Right now I'm paying quite the premium and getting speeds worse than dial-up... Just checking to see if there were any updates on this?

Your experience seems to parallel the experience many had with cable-based internet - the nodes would be so overloaded during prime time that throughput suffered for all users on that loop.

To help us improve this website, we'd love to hear your feedback. I do get better speeds when it reconnects but it is only temporary and then slows right back down to where it was. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Ahh, Fresnel.

On weekends, if you turn your head two inches you may even lose a call on Cellular. There has to be upgrades to the tower or new towers to handle the increased loading if Telus wants to keep selling these hubs. Instructions for activating data on your mobile device, Steps to activate LTE use for faster data speeds, How to add an email account to your mobile device, Access your email account on your mobile device or tablet. This Calculator will give you some more information based on those tower stats you can use if you plan to build an antenna mast. Since those pesky trees aren't your neighbour's you could sell them to CanFor!

Started having issues with it in May, then again in August. All of these speeds are using an Ethernet connection.

We were in heaven. Connected to Telus ZTE Smart Hub. Doesn't' hurt to look it over before mounting your external antenna.

You're probably right!

antenna, booster which will be about $800.00) I actually think my hub is deficit, but they will not extend the 30 day trial policy.

I'm just west of Edmonton.

I was told earlier editions of the smart hub are unlocked so they can access any tower, however newer versions are locked to one tower once they connect. WideAnt2-X™ Dual Antenna for ZTE MF275R True MIMO Fully Enclosed Wide Band ±45° Polarizations (WideAnt-X™ 2). The TELUS Smart Hub features the latest security options, such as WPA data encryption, SPI firewall, and VPN passthrough.

When the wireless network signal is low, data may stop working or become very slow, while text messages and calls still work.

It's a temporary installation while I wait for the provider to get a new tower on line, when I will install this antenna properly. I have a Telus Smart Hub ZTE MF279T and I am living in my travel trailer for work.

With its simple portability and operation with either a standard power cord or its powerful 3,000 mAh backup battery, it ensures that you’ll have internet anywhere business takes you. We have the same issue in Black Diamond, just south west of Calgary. Following a suggestion from one of my slightly more tech-savvy friends, I've managed to return to my speeds to where they were (even slightly better), by changing some of my ZTE hub's settings; namely, forcing it to connect to 4G only.


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