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An unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts. If you can't plug in every day though I'd go for a bigger battery pack. * Long range battery. Also a slightly better 0-60 time. Please refresh and try again. Seriously, every time. Three long years on from its debut, Tesla’s "affordable" electric car will finally land in the UK this summer (fingers crossed). Give the system your destination, and the car will not only tell you each direction, but also which of Tesla’s Supercharger stations you should stop at, and for how long. But credit where it’s due, the Model 3 is a convincing product. It’s a supercar-style kick in the back, but one which doesn’t relent for gear changes (as of course there aren’t any) and feels linear in its delivery. Booked the Tesla model 3 when it was announced couple of years back. Just want to know which electric cars are on top? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Instead owners can use a hotel room-style key card to gain access by tapping it against the car’s B-pillar. I think it depends. As I was (not really) driving home today all I could think about was how it was only slightly more work than sitting on an airplane - the only difference is you can't (yet) fall asleep or watch movies. The extra battery size makes a big difference in road trips. They’re both cheaper than the Model 3, with the Ioniq coming in at less than £30,000 and the Kona coming in at just over £30,000. I have a 52 mile commute to work one way. Upvoted but a 35K Model 3 is the best value for any new car costing $35,000-$36,999 ;). Settling in for the cruise up to Bruges, we activated Autopilot, Tesla’s driver assistance system which takes over the accelerator, brakes and steering, but still requires your undivided attention. The MR isn't a bad value either. Their mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

I prefer to wait until something new … Golf R sits in the driveway collecting dust. EAP has changed my life. The original and largest Tesla community on Reddit! Go to company page We found we had to hold the wheel unnaturally tightly to reassure the system we were conscious, so deactivated Autopilot and retook control. You can opt for the automatic wiper setting, but this is in beta and doesn’t always work properly;ours activated when entering tunnels on several occasions, leaving us in doubt as to whetherwe could trust it in a downpour at motorway speed. Calculate costs based on how many miles you drive per year, that changes the equation significantly. My commutes feel incredibly surreal, as I sit there listening to music and watching other drivers do their things. As soon as I merge onto the interstate I grab a center lane and engage AP. Car keys or a fob seem so old-fashioned and annoying now. There's no choice in spending money on certain features though. Aside from I worry about the longevity of my tires. Today, we’ll explore this question. The Model 3 runs exceptionally smoothly, so travelling can seem like a breeze.

From the smartphone-as-a-key system and touchscreen, to the outlandish performance, Autopilot and the convenient Supercharger network, Tesla still manages, at least for now, to set itself apart from the crowd. Like all of Tesla’s cars, the Model 3 is fully electric. You get a lot more stuff. If you’re an SUV fan, check out the compact Hyundai Kona Electric. Zero regrets. Your speed, as well as a computer-generated representation of the car’s surroundings - featuring other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians - is permanently displayed in the top corner of the display.

Just got home from a 600 mile road trip in the NE. However, three years after Tesla boss Elon Musk presented the Model 3 - and months after the company seemingly survived its battle through “production hell” - while it is quickly becoming commonplace across the US, European deliveries are only just beginning, and UK cars won’t arrive until the summer. Alistair Charlton. Then take a look at the iconic Nissan Leaf and the Volkswagen e-Golf. Previously, we revealed why you shouldn’t be fooled by Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ claim. Partly for Easter eggs and beer, but mostly because the 320-mile round trip, complete with a couple of Supercharger pit stops and an overnight charge at a hotel, felt like a good stretch of the Tesla’s legs before our curfew the following afternoon. The Tesla Model 3 has a lot to live up to.

Whether or not it's "worth it" is really a personal choice. While the glass roof with windows down isn't exactly the in the air feel the Miata gives me it may end up close enough. I did. Every Model 3 comes with a centrally mounted 15-inch touchscreen, serving as the car’s one and only point of information for its driver and three passengers. Tagged as: Electric cars Tesla Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model S Tesla Model X, shouldn’t be fooled by Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ claim, Flaws in advanced driver-assistance systems revealed by Euro NCAP, The two main reasons your car will break down and what you can do about it. Jeremy White. Using a suite of cameras and radar sensors, the car keeps in its lane while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and handling stop-start traffic without any driver input. The original and largest Tesla community on Reddit! By Same. Even without Autopilot, driving the Model 3 is simple.

Depends greatly on your use case for the car. The Tesla Model 3’s price may be attractive compared with Tesla’s other models, but other manufacturer offerings are now turning up the heat. Possibly saved my life, as my blood pressure has dropped substantially since the purchase, and I used to stress a lot in traffic. Amazon. Tesla claims this allows the car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically to avoid other vehicles or pedestrians. I'm telling you, there is nothing better. But I can tell you this - every morning and evening, I commute on highways 280 and 101 in the San Francisco Bay Area, i.e. Yet, appreciative looks are given wherever it goes, even from fellow Tesla owners at the Supercharger station. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. I didn't have much interest in buying a Tesla till I heard about the $35k Model 3 being available. But if you can stretch go LR. Any input would be a awesome. Autopilot wasn't the #1 reason I bought a Tesla, and I was actually on the fence with the package, but I'm very glad I bought in place of upgrading to AWD. Leaving the Tesla service centre, where test drives are offered on a seemingly endless rotation, and fresh Model 3s await collection from exceedingly patient owners, we head north-east towards the Belgian boarder and Bruges. Extra 20 miles range and the better interior. And the LR as the best value road trip car. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Boot space is a decent 385 litres (and double this if you fold down the rear seats). It can even seem too frantic at times, though, so you may wish to turn on ‘Chill mode’ to take the edge off when you’re in the mood for a more casual drive. Full Charge: The event in which the price of a futures contract covers all of the carrying charges of the underlying asset, such as storage and insurance. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the teslamotors community. Only car or commuter car? heavy traffic full of crazies, idiots, distracted drivers, semis, busses, basically everything you can imagine. William Ralston. Tesla’s Model S Plaid wasn’t the biggest Battery Day announcement, Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro S Line review: a flashy EV light show, The iPhone 16 could be powered by nuclear waste diamond batteries, Lucid Air is a 500-mile range Tesla rival that charges in just minutes, How Tesla became the world's most overvalued car company, Tesla's losses suggest it may not live to see the world that it created. Autopilot 99.9% of the time on highways. It does feel like an milestone in the history of the motorcar, despite the imminent and large-scale electrification of giants like Volkswagen.

The model 3 is has the best hardware so you won't have to worry about that. :) EAP turned out to be more useful than I had ever hoped.

SR+ is best value by far. (X first and now a 3 that I like more).

Commute distance? We suspect this is more about keeping production costs down than being innovative as Tesla claims, and means adjustments are more complex than you may be used to when driving. Carly Page, By You really want the LR if you're only able to charge one a week or something like that. Slightly less premium - but amusing to our childish selves - are the various Easter eggs hidden inside the Tesla operating system. – The Play Store is packed with nasty, violent games for kids. Go test drive one to see how you feel about it, Autopilot is the best thing ever, and keeps getting better. You will see here suggesting to buy the best range model... its true depending on your situation but overrated. Really de-stressed my daily commute.*.

Consider things like long range (do you live in a cold environment) in the winter to ease range anxiety. If not, audio is probably the easiest thing to upgrade aftermarket. I HIGHLY recommend! But I need to pay that for another 5years.3. I was wondering whether to save up more to get a Long range or Performance model 3 or is the model 3 just good. I was wondering whether to save up more to get a Long range or Performance model 3 or is the model 3 just good. Jeremy White, Supercar acceleration; your phone is the key; acceptable range; reliable and expansive Supercharger network, Lack of physical controls for basics like wipers; purchase price quickly escalates; Autopilot feels too nannying (in current configuration).

The lesser Standard Range Plus flavour of Model 3 has rear-wheel-drive, hits 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and has a top speed of 140mph, while the all-wheel-drive Long Range covers the sprint in 4.5 seconds and taps out at 145 mph. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the teslamotors community. as seems inevitable with Tesla, there have been some built quality issues among early US customers. I view the SR+ as the best value commuter car. Definitely drive one to see if you like the feel. It was worth it for me. The instant reaction/torque makes other cars feel like they are struggling to get up to speed. Natasha Bernal, By

Love this car, and wouldn’t consider a Tesla without AP. There's just no describing how different of an experience it is than driving without it. However, it’s been plagued by production issues and delays.

This is just to the right of the driver in the left-hand-driver Model 3 we drove, but will be switched to the left on right-hand-drive cars destined for the UK. Redfin. Like the Model 3, when you lease a Tesla Model Y, you don't get the option to buy it and keep it once the lease terms are up. But I can tell you this - every morning and evening, I commute on highways 280 and 101 in the San Francisco Bay Area, i.e. (Rear-view dashcam). By Steering wheel placement and wing mirror angles are also accessed via the touchscreen, making it tricky to adjust these at a moment’s notice. 10/10 would definitely recommend. An unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts. But few cars manage to be as interesting. Is the model 3 autopilot the same as the S autopilot v ? Print + digital, only £19 for a year. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. The feeling doesn't go away. An unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts. Press J to jump to the feed. I understand why some people would be scared of it, but I've used it in enough varied circumstances to know that it's just as reliable a driver as any alert and intelligent human. I get home wayyy less tired, no headache, feeling pretty great.


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