tractor maintenance schedule template

Every now and then your machine requires a more extensive health check. If your tractor cab is equipped with air conditioning, take a minute to check the condenser, and remove any debris built up around it, as well. Can you see daylight through your air filter, or is it so loaded with dirt that you can’t see any light through the filter medium? On the front axle, change the oil and check the torque on the thrust bolts. Take for instance your kitchen range. Those who rent them out should also take a greater proactive stance. on Friday, September 20, 2019

In a construction business, for example, it’s essential to make daily system checks. They use this to monitor employee performance. Available in Term and Stand out formatting this kind of car precautionary repair plan design template has check-lists to bring You could also just simply like. An annual maintenance plan can help take the load off. Poorly maintained equipment will be less efficient and productive. You expect a brand-new compact tractor to be in prime condition. Generally, this document contains company name with a logo, date and time, signature of supervisor along with a brief summary of maintenance and checking parts which are crucial to inspect to prevent from any type of disaster.

In the meantime, you lose a lot of time and money. It generally contains the necessary data regarding an employee. Factories, laboratories, and other big establishments all depend on machines.

Performing periodic maintenance ensures that your machine is up to the task every day for years to come.

We offer a unique template for developing a precise equipment maintenance checklist conveniently. It may be necessary to partially drain the tractor’s fuel tank to remove excess water. Engine coolant will collect contaminants from wear and tear on the coolant system, and deposits will begin to form over time. Some tractor models, especially newer ones, have check windows for hydraulic reservoir fluid levels. Once you hit 10 hours, check the torque on the wheel bolts. Benefits of using maintenance template. Regular check-ups will decrease any potential problems that may arise in your equipment. Keep that old line for reference, however, just in case that new line won’t fit correctly.

It’s important to use an equipment maintenance log to keep track of your equipment. Your tractor uses several consumable products to operate, and they certainly don’t last forever. Maintenance schedule or maintenance log are two different names of one document that provides a user with essential details about maintenance of something such as motor vehicle, electronic device, machine or building etc. You will never know when equipment will break down.

For many of us, we’ve come to rely on our tractor, and being without it is a great inconvenience. Usually, this activity is conducted daily or regularly for getting knowledge about the progress of machinery. They use it to keep track of what is current with a client’s automobile.

You can also download a template from here. Replace the primary and final fuel filters, as well as the water separator.

Repair for leaks, big or small, might simply entail tightening or replacing hoses or clamps or tightening drain plugs. Keep track of important details.

Aside from the bucket, touching up the paint on your tractor will serve to keep heavy rust at bay, and keep it looking good. Me, being a city girl, I am clueless. Using a coolant hydrometer, you can test the freezing point of your coolant.

When initially compiling your checklist, do a careful count of all fittings, and count them off when you use your grease gun. Doing this will ensure your tractor-trailer stays on the highway. If you provide repair services, here's a template to spread the word about your business on the web. in You can do this by yourself, delegate the job to an employee or hire a specialist to do it. Skip to main content. You can do regular check-ups, cleaning and replacement work on its heating elements. Add oil as needed. A quick touch-up here and there can go a long way. If adding gas required you to start your tractor and drive a short distance to fuel storage, you’re ready to check oil levels. Thank you for this tractor checklist.

Coolant hoses will eventually deteriorate and split, causing coolant leaks, but hydraulic lines seldom give you a warning except for checking and cracking. In preparing this article, I consulted Craig Tammel, my neighbor and a mechanic at Preston Equipment Co., the local John Deere dealership in Preston, Minn. You can design your own equipment maintenance log. If the tractor is found to be unsafe, the condition must be reported immediately to the supervisor & repaired. If you remove your belt for any reason, turn it inside out and bend it to see if it cracks or snaps. It is planned by experts having encounters in significant field. You can without much of a stretch get a splendid format by downloading it from our site.

Maintenance schedule is a document to identify that when and how a machine or equipment needs to be maintained. This maintenance schedule template is generated by our professional and it is totally free to download.

A very good example of a maintenance log is one used by car workshops. They use them to run their business. “Coolant can enter through faulty head gaskets or cylinder O-rings,” he says.

But there’s a breaking-in period. Consider the following: eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'templatearchive_com-leader-2','ezslot_7',108,'0','0'])); Rental equipment always faces the prospect of wear and tear. If cleaning with a pressure washer, take care not to bend radiator fins or damage seals or other components. These updates are important even if you haven’t encountered them. It is never enough to repeatedly emphasize the importance of equipment maintenance.

While your John Deere tractor is rugged and powerful, the demanding, dirty conditions on your acreage or farm can take their toll. Companies and organizations prepare a schedule for checking, cleaning and analyzing the working capability of a machine but heavy machinery are inspected daily for avoiding costly maintenance or accidents. It will provide you enough room to write down details like title of the vehicle or tool, make and model, date and time of recent maintenance, repairing work done in recent maintenance, date of next expected maintenance and status of the vehicle or equipment (in use or not). This log will contain information relevant to current or accomplished work. Wipe out any dirt or dust before closing the housing. In a construction business, for example, it’s essential to make daily system checks.

Tammel suggests adding a fuel conditioner to keep components in both gas and diesel fuels stable and in solution. Depending on your usage, you may have to do some things more or less regularly. Tractors mow and till fields, as well as grade driveways and move materials like dirt, sand, gravel, and manure. *NR – Needs Repair 2. Copyright © 2020 EG Media Investments LLC. Make your maintenance plans routine. Large companies and factories always possess a well-equipped equipment maintenance log. These jobs can kick up a lot of dust, so don’t be surprised if your air filter clogs up quickly.

I suggest investing in would be a battery-powered grease gun for greasing these fittings.

They need these for future maintenance.

And at the end of the year, you’re inspecting every part, nook, and cranny of your machine. In addition to checking the parts you inspected before the 50-hour mark, you should: After 50 hours, you’re out of the breaking-in period and moving onto routine maintenance.

They are also costly to repair and costly to replace. 1. As you’re going through your tractor maintenance checklist, you’ll probably find spots of metal that have lost its paint. Using a tractor maintenance checklist is a great way to keep your small farm tractor operating smoothly. Check the hose clamps on the radiator and air filter. Some tractor models share a common reservoir for both. You use these logs to make sure that they will retain their value in the future.

Quality Farm Supply offers an easy search for over 30,000 hard to find parts for tractors, implements and more.

Test the air restriction indicator sensor. Quick delivery, right to your door! If you print out pages, just bind them together to create a notebook. If you have an older tractor, this is a good time to check oil levels in gearboxes with their own reservoirs.

You should also have scheduled maintenance and operator support. Staying on top of your daily maintenance tasks helps keep your tractor in tip-top shape. If there’s a grease zerk, then there’s a joint you’re supposed to grease. If your tractor doesn’t use the flat side of the belt as a friction surface, such as a belt tensioner, then you can mark the date of installation, or hour meter reading on the flat surface for reference.

I will print this out in a spreadsheet and add dates.

In the long-run, it will be costlier to maintain. An equipment maintenance checklist template is a professional document used in large scale industries, companies and organizations.

Our experts will call you on your preferred time. And it is. Find A Dealer. If you’ve misplaced yours, you can find quick reference guides or view tractor manuals online.

Is your tractor smoking more than usual?

This is more of a process than most other maintenance items, so your local service team can take care of it for you. A vehicle equipment maintenance checklist sample plays an important role in reducing risks and hazards. A maintenance schedule template is a formal format which is basically a list of predetermined actions carried out at regular time intervals which are aimed at the prevention of breakdowns.

In analogy, this also applies to poorly maintained equipment. Thank you for choosing this service. That’s why you invested in a compact tractor in the first place.

All rights reserved. This article originally appeared in the May/June 2012 issue of Hobby Farms. To keep track of the machine’s health, a machine maintenance log becomes a must. Updates may have a direct impact on your equipment usage and depreciation. Every 25 Hours. If the outer filter is visibly dirty, remove it and blow it out using no more than 35-psi airflow; then return it to the housing.


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