wakfu season 3 ending

As for Amalia I kinda of agree she didn't play much of a role in most of the levels of the tower and almost all her character interactions and struggle stemmed from the romantic drama between Yugo and her. I can't really answer questions about the OVA or anything, but the writing did feel a bit rushed this time around. was the one who caused the events of the OVAs, how is it that he was created at the end of the OVAs?

What is the Inglorium? Also, season 4 when?

I have watched all of season 3 and the end left me hanging. Actually the episode clearly shown the entire universe dying. Her father was dying at the start of the season, you could have done more about that plot point. I wasn't all that invested at Yugo as a character during the first two seasons, I think he lacked depth when compared to other characters, the OVA and Season 3 have deffinitivelly see some improvements on him. Actually Dathura was the replacement for the sadida god. They aren't very well written and can be annoying at times. 0 0. I’m now glad I didn’t watch it in English, I had no idea how bad it really was. But wtf happened in season 3 ep 13? Everything with Dally was really cool. As others had pointed Ruel's secondary role was due to factors beyond the show writter's control, which makes me wonder if they will bid farewell to his character or change his voice actor for a possible next season. Oropo uses the Six Eliatrope Dofus, being amplified by the Eliacube to make a massive bomb, like a reality destroying bomb. Season 4 will be crowdfunded, with the funding beginning in June. 18. It was painful in the middle of this season knowing almost exactly what would happen every episode as they scaled Castle Oblivion. Close.

But... BEWARE OF SPOILERS !!! In a way the structure of Season 3 compared to Season 1 and 2 is quite comparable to the differences between Legend of Korra's structure and The Last Airbender. I agreed. I appreciate the darker tone of this season but I just really hope next season goes back to romping around random towns. Archived. Sorry if my French is bad, I’m trying to practice while in quarantine. Ankama is in dire need of money and does not receive support from our French channels. Will there be a season 4? Part of Yugo's vision reveals that Oropo, in Yugo's unknown wish fulfilled by the Dofus during the 3rd OVA, was actually Yugo's self-insert into the fake Eliotrope family. Felt like "The Yugo and Dally Show." Also instead of having the characters go through all the levels Oropo's plan involved separating/replacing them and due to external reasons the last three episodes broke the formula. Yugo is probably my favorite character now. He ultimately decides he does not want to sacrifice his friends for his goal, so he returns the bomb back to his personal dimension, and dies with Echo. Maybe they can find a good balance in Season 4.

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If he did not cause the events to happen (Dathura seducing Ogrest, Nox finding the eliacube, etc) then the events that led up to his creation would not have happened.

Ever since Az hatched from his egg the Tofu accompanies his friend in all his adventures. If you love the MMO, the gorgeous French-language anime, or the Xbox Arcade game, then you've come to the right place! I appreciate the darker tone of this season but I just really hope next season goes back to romping around random towns. See my remarks on Ruel, Amalia, and Eva above. i havent heard any announcements from Tot about the kickstarter campaign, Kissanime does have wakfu all seasons 1,2,3 and dofus anime. Also, where can I watch the Dofus movies (the ones with master Joris). Direct link; Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Score : 51.

To be fair we had entire episode arcs devoted to Tristepin and Eva's character in Season 1 and 2. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 40. Wasn’t Oropo’s dimension also the world of 12 (le monde de douze)? Now, onto the funding. They say April of next year, but haven’t put out any statements saying how the coronavirus will affect that, especially in France.

My opinion, it would probably be best if they just tried to wrap up the series, and plan on Season 4 being the finale. Btw, his relationship with Amalia was weird, but I kinda liked it because it validated my Link x Saria OTP in Ocarina of Time. Only some of the gods dimension. 6. I guess he kinda did with stealing the Dofus, but he apparently caused the situation that required them in the first place. And is kinda of a paradox because he caused the Chaos Of Ogrest so at the end... he caused his own birth and the race of the Eliotropes. Even if it is a short season, like just 6 episodes, just wrap it up. Only thing i didnt like was the voicwacting hearing torb Rael threw me, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Not only to explain the ending of season 3, but because the quality of season 3 was so fantastic that it really reignited my interest in the series. Sorry, I know this type of post is tacky, but I keep seeing people do it in the ATLA/LoK subreddit and am kinda excited to actually be able to do one myself for once. All I know is that I really want a Season 4. Ruel didn't even appear that much in most episodes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Has just blown up the place where the rest of the world lives? YouTube Accept .

And if his aging is actually tied to his mental state it might be a temporarely solution to his romantic drama.

But at least they are quite usefull and I think they added a new dimension to Eva's and Tristepin characters. I hated the children. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. *Echo was like "Nope!"

Goultard didn't ;) I do hope they will at least confront him about it in a possible fourth season though. Echo deserved better.

The animation, voice acting (while different depending on the language you watch it in), the production value and the overall quality is just SO much higher. As far as I know, I think I read somewhere that they had gotten two more seasons greenlit, for the life of me, I can't remember where (probably somewhere on this sub). Also, it sounds like there’s a money embezzlement scheme going on at Ankama just based on the facts. Tbh, i think all gods (except Iop which is a mortal) are either already dead or have vanished. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But... BEWARE OF SPOILERS !!! I wonder if Eliatrope aging speed is related in some way to their mental state a la Too Many Birthdays. The real question... Was the Inglorium already destroyed by a previous reason? INFO - 2018-03-26 14:38:39 .

On a side note it is said that Yugo couldn't grow up normally because of his dragon blood yet Adamai grew rapidly. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But other Yugo, I think his name is Oropo? And I agree with you, I hope that in season 4 the balance is restore with the writing and all that. I got all the stuff about what happened in season 3 but I didn’t know all of the other stuff, thanks!

Despite raising over 8x the requested amount, they some how released a product that was so horrendous, even pre-existing fans of the series refuse to listen to it, I cant imagine that winning over any more.


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