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Gasoline - it's about 25-30 cents cheaper per gallon than nearby stations, so I fill up when I'm there.

Wish the Maryland stores around DC had alcohol :(. I tried to add a day at alamo last weekend when I was picking up the car, they came in way higher, so I just cancelled my reservation and made a new one right there on my phone at the counter. That was 63 candies and about 50 bucks’ worth of product, right into his pockets…He kept asking if he could have more.

You have to go in knowing the price of things.

Here's a list of things you shouldn't put on the list for your next Costco run, according to the people who probably know best. Costco is also a good place for personal care products and some premium alcohol, such as sparkling wine."

“Because of this, we do know where the basic things are (milk, deli, chips, etc. Now that you have one, I would say just go in and walk around, and see what they offer and how it compares to what you typically buy. Could I give my brother that was walking by a large portion of my extra product? “My advice to someone applying for the job? While it's been confirmed that both vodkas source from the same water (Gesnac Springs in the Cognac region of France), Grey Goose maintains that it's not Kirkland Signature Vodka and has its own "exclusive well," that they use their own proprietary methods, and that they distill their vodka a whopping 800 kilometers away from where Kirkland is made. http://costcotravel.com/, It's not always the cheapest (per-pound, per-unit, or whatever), but the value is excellent. ", And this Costco worker might be onto something. “Most popular is probably anything cheese-related.

But unless you're a family of 3-4 or you eat a ton of fruits and veggies daily it's probably too much to buy at once. You're probably going to want to consider buying a house when your baby grows up, and Costco offers competitive rates (depending on the market) to members. Customers and workers consistently praise the Costco food court and the delicacies from its own brand, Kirkland Signature. I know about enough things I'd want; egg whites, string cheese, rotisserie chickens and some other stuff. We consulted Reddit, YouTubers and Costco employees for their opinions on what to leave off your next Costco grocery list. Do you guys have a list or something of items you'll save the most on by buying from Costco? ", A Costco employee posted a warning on Reddit about the mysteriously-named "D19," but went on to explain in a further comment that Department 19, in their store, referred to the stand-up coolers containing "meats, cheeses, dips, pesto, and other strange items." ), eggs, Aussie Bites, those blueberry preserves with the bear on the cover, protein bars, we love the light blue package Kirkland body soap, contact solution, spices galore!, dog and cat food, Kirkland brand socks, the giant box of Kodak Cakes, blueberries, avocados, grapes.....I could go on! “We could literally sell every unit Costco has of a product and we wouldn’t see a dime more. and even if you do go through it all, check to make sure they are not already moldy.

Sure, planes aren't taking off and landing behind the warehouses (although we wouldn't put it past Costco to eventually instigate that) but you can reserve rental cars, hotels, vacation packages and cruises through the company. We get a fifteen-minute break and a half-hour [lunch]. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), how the return of the free samples will work out here, MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera/Getty Images, amazing Costco shopping perks that only members know about, surprising secrets Costco employees aren’t telling you, bizarre things you didn’t know you could get at Costco, Kirkland items you should always buy at Costco, surprising secrets one former Costco employee learned while working there, things you should never, ever buy at Costco, the secret to why Costco’s pizza tastes so delicious.

Here was a pretty active post from 2 months ago. Learn some more surprising secrets Costco employees aren’t telling you.

This is why we’re usually clueless. According to that worker, sometimes these refrigerated (or should-be refrigerated) items sit out on the floor for hours at a time (up to seven hours) while employees are stocking. I might be more concerned! “Feel free to take more than one sample, especially if you take the time to talk with us. Check out rental cars and vacation packages. In terms of how many people actually buy though, [the most popular product] would probably be the multigrain tortilla chips. I fiddled with the amount of grounds I used but could never get it to taste good.

I wouldn't say much has changed. yep! You can save a lot of money on these compared to your regular grocery store. Here's what you should and shouldn't buy from Costco. “Costco rearranges its products almost daily.

*This company was called Warehouse Demo Services when this Reddit user worked at Costco, but they changed their name to “Club Demonstration Services” in late 2014. Well, that's all well and good, you may be thinking, but let's get to the scoop — what items do Costco workers pass up, despite the chance to snag them as soon as they hit the floor?

Great time to stock up or try new items. Costco employees get full benefits and frequent raises. Quality stuff at less than half the price of anywhere else. When Business Insider spoke to Costco employees about what they avoid buying in the store, the answers varied. In terms of working in retail, it is a pretty sweet gig. In fact, one Costco Tire Center employee shared that he can’t recommend Goodyear products at all. We buy a lot of our paper goods at Costco. “[We have to stand for] six hours. Gas!! When asked in a Reddit thread what the the best and worst items are buy in bulk, one poster who claimed to be a Costco worker said, "I'd say some of the WORST are fruits and veggies. I appreciate it. The folks at Eat This, Not That! Huge fan of Costco so it pains me to admit that I hated it. save hide report. Research from Clark confirms, there are lots of items available at a much lower cost on Amazon — although Costco did beat the online mega-retailer on a few items. As long as you don’t take an entire tray or take three when there’s a crowd, you’re more than welcome to take multiple samples. ", Several other workers did say that they considered Costco's produce too good a deal to pass up, including this Arizona worker who said, "We get first pick before any other grocery store." 131 comments. In fact, 8 out of 46, or slightly more than 17 percent of workers interviewed say there are no Costco products they won't pass up, at least as long as their funds are sufficient. This works out to roughly $1.60 per can.

I was really disappointed. Then race to the cheapest gas in town to get our packed SUV home before our $5.00 rotisserie gets cold, This may be the funniest comment ever. The membership will pay for itself in no time, depending on how frequently you shop there. Giant cauliflower and broccoli, bigger and better quality than regular grocery stores.

The Groupon was too good to pass up, $20 Costco card, $15 worth of paper towels, a $10 pizza and some Vitamin Water that I didn't mind having. I always get spanakopita on sale every year. And if we seem forceful, a manager is nearby and watching us.


Pretty much everything. Costco Rental Cars are such a hidden gem. Plus it comes with a drink! It's usually around $100 to $150 cheaper than in other stores CHOICE staffer Kate In a Watch out for the things you should never, ever buy at Costco.

For many a Costco shopper, no trip to the big-box store is complete without getting one of their legendary hot dogs and soda combos for just $1.50—arguably one of the best deals on this meal you’ll find anywhere. According to Galanti, while it is not certain what the samples will look like, you definitely will no longer be able to pick up samples with your bare hands. Wife and I are heading to costco this weekend for our first time. Apparently, they just don’t work well.


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