where the spirit of the lord is life church chords

[Intro] D/F# G D/F# Bm x2 [Verse 1] D You came to set the captives free D You came to bring us liberty Bm My sin and my rejection met G Your blood … Preview Add correction. With the vibrant, vulnerable live-recorded sound, this album is the best representation of the heart of Life.Church Worship. [Verse 1] B Do what only You can do G#m With one word the mountains move F# When You breathe, the dead arise E And the bones come back to life B … God is both infinite and intimate. Every song of the new album points to Jesus and His goodness. Correction: Life.church - Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is (chords) Comment.

The newest album from Life.Church Worship, God So Good, is a bold, hopeful celebration of all that God is—from powerful Creator to tender Father.


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