why do bulls growl
If he's not satisfied within a minute he will drift away along with the herd & any other sattelites that may be nearby, he in many cases will continue to bugle but leaving the area as he does. And when we got in close, we could hear him glunking all the time. I assumed it had something to do with the bull knew we were there or something was there and was letting us and his cows know that he knew we were there. It turned out to be a huge bull elk. But dog owners know that our canine partners have different perspectives on life than we do. And I have never heard one growl yet. LOL! The choking growl was very loud in comparison to his bugles.. It's the growl you would hear at the end of a screaming challenge from a bull minus the scream, too it's a bit more subdued, he uses a short inquisitive growl.

For those that know the answer you know its importance & what's happening.

MY first choice is always spot and stalk (if possible), but if I had to call I would briefly try a cow call if no great response bugle aggressivly at him. I'm not referring to a scream followed by a growl of any sort, instead I'm referring to a bull "Growling" & that's it. I'm sure many have heard bulls growl, the key to the answer here is "when" or what's the situation you're in when it's heard?

Jessica 07/14/2019, 13:09. The crate time is not punishment, it’s nap time. That is not to say she won't be a good dog and won't eventually allow for more interaction. One of my most memorable elk encounters involved a growl. We kept pushing until he finally busted out of there. I have had bulls go from bugling to growling when I challenged them. It is their form of advetising or the only part of the bugle they MAY or CAN do. If your older son is old enough to participate in Dr. Sophia Yin's Learn to Earn program I would highly recommend doing so. Put your thinking caps on for this one! She is now 18 months and has calmed down since i had a trainer come in. This was many years ago and, looking back, I should have just kept quiet for a minute. In many cases the dog you originally brought home changes in behavior,training should start immediatly upon coming to your home so he knows his boundries with everything and everyone.

he was heading the other way bugling. This bull glunked more than all of the bulls I've heard glunk in my life combined.

But i accepted this thought as expressed by your experts..he also doesn't like anyone grabing him around the back and hip area! What can I do to prevent this from not happening. it sounded to me like he ws just all bugled out and was hoarse. Please help me figure this out.

Not knowing what he's asking or thinking will allow this encounter to slip right through your hands. I figured they were "gettin' it on." Leave me alone. I'm not sure if this is the growl you are talking about but that is how we recognized those particular bulls. Oh well, I'd be plum ashamed of myself if I wasn't a bowhunter. I'm a student of "HLDC classes" of sounds. A cow call can settle his uneasiness or an excited cow call as you run at him can be used, or good timing scream could be all that's needed when on top of him, but saying nothing will get you nothing!! I've been doing an internship with a behaviorist in the austin area. Some bulls will only roar, it is what they do most often, and MAY be all they can do. They are much appreciated. Its not a glunk it sounds just like a carnivore growl.

We talked with this bull for about 30 min. What a hunter should do next can depend on the encounter & closeness. She lets the kids lay with her, and i have seen her take a couple QUICK hugs, with out a flinch. When I first heard the growl I didn't know what it was. I think he was simply letting the estrus cow know where he was for her to come to him.

You're in a situation & trying to sneak in but making noise that is impossible to avoid on your approach & you hear this growl from the bull a 100yds out?

An abused dog, just like an abused person, has difficulty forgetting about what has happened to them and can fear the same thing happening again when certain behavior of others triggers those memories. I think this could be something worth trying out. Cow call mostly.

He stopped at 7 yards with a small bush right in front of his body and stared right at me for what seemed like an eternity, then bolted off without presenting a shot.

As she feels respected, she loosens up.

It would growl every 10 minutes or so until it was about 100 yrds away. Here's one for you guys!!! I don't think you got that repsonses because not a lot of elk hunters have been in this situation or recognized the opportunity. The only sound he can manage is the growl at the end. CJ gregory & Ken@leisure were about spot on, nice work guys!!!! The problem is, what if you don't know this? I also had to teach my kids how to behave around her, as 2-6 yr olds are the most common aged kids to get bit.

This program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior.

It happen to me this year. I will tell you this, when a bull (at least this one) growls it sounds just like a bear.

No, not at all, all make sense to me when they were heard even though other sounds were made by the bull in some explanations & experiences above. I had returned the nervous barks and he would growl back at me. After recording hundreds of bull elk sounds, and listening to literally thousands more (I often heard more than a thousand bugles in a day) - I often have a hard time distinguishing what the calls are used for by the bulls - becaue at different times they are used for different purposs, and because no two bulls sound alike, or call exactly the same.


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