why was the honda ctx1300 discontinued

As much as motorcycle buyers like to think they are a bit progressive and know cool better than somebody in a white sedan, they still like the conservative option more. As long as you ride the CTX1300 like a bagger, and not like a sportbike, clearance is not an issue. I may go over this afternoon and take a look. This is not a fully-faired touring machine, however. Dual counter-balancers keep the engine smooth -- a few times so smooth that I didn't realize that I'd hit the 7,000 rpm redline until the rev-limiter flattened out my acceleration. I wasn't able to use my legs to raise my butt off the seat when I encountered rough pavement, but for the most part, the CTX1300 delivered an all-day riding position. Wait a few years before assuming it is discontinued... and then be happy with how exclusive this bike has become. Sales were poor and Honda had to replace it with the Jazz hatchback. It was removed after the Factory incentives started. The fairing and plastic bodywork pretty much conceal the all-new steel double-cradle frame. without them they would almost cease. Honda plays the long game. The deals on the CTX right now are really too good to ignore. He said Honda only sells the Police version now and they discontinued supporting the civilian model in 2012 ! If they choose to pause in the middle, the CTX1300 is a great perch -- this bike is just right. PUBLIC NOTICE: Nigeria Customs Car Auction Commences, Everyone Deserves A Soul! the rest of the product range struggles.

The riding position is really right in the middle of the spectrum between sportbike and cruiser. Honda has 5 new medium sport models coming out in 2019. The dealer confirmed this was because the CTX was a concept, produced to use the old v4 engine run. It does exactly what I need and want and fits my kind of riding as perfectly as a bike can. @ 6ft-5in and 350lbs, the CTX fits me perfectly! I think the ST1300 is unchanged since 2012 ??? The UK journal Motor Cycle News declared: "It’s easy to ride and manageable for such a big, heavy bike. It truly is a steal. Back in the 90s, Honda had a variant of the Civic which was a 2 seat sports car called the Del Sol or CR-X. I have a hunch that Honda will discontinue the bike ... at least temporarily. This isn't cost efficient in the automotive industry especially when that vehicle has relatively low sales. Join Community Our Top Forums View All. Honda plans; Honda studies; Honda executes.

But they sell a lot of the CBR300, and motor cross models. . I looked on Wiki and it was not clear whether or not Honda still made the ST1300 and CTX1300. The 1,261 V-4 engine peeks out beneath the covers, with 4-into-2-into-2 exhaust headers flanking the bike on each side. The Deluxe version is slightly more usually and only a few dealers have that price. Low and horizontal define the CTX1300. There's a reason why the dealers here are selling older bikes for close to nothing, because when you want to trade it back in for something else, they sometimes don't even want it.

The CTX1300 succeeded the ST1300, (also called the "Pan-European" in Europe), which was discontinued after the 2012 model year. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It was Honda take on the popular Mazda Miata and was an instant success. Like all other minivans, the Stream was discontinued because of the rapid sales of the CR-V crossover worldwide. The Honda CTX's styling is unconventional and brave but it isn't a serious cruiser.

I'm 6'2" with a 33" inseam, and my knees were bent at pretty much a 90-degree angle while riding -- not stretched out, feet forward cruiser-style, and not tucked in, heels-up sportbike or even standard-style. "[3], "2014 Honda CTX1300 and CTX1300 Deluxe- First Look", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Honda_CTX1300&oldid=917787899, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 September 2019, at 13:59. It makes me mad that Honda discontinued the bike. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, reviews, maintenance, and more!

A member of the CTX1300 forum makes saddlebag guards and forward highway peg/driving light mounts on his own time for owners. Jumia Is Giving Out A Car This Black Friday ! You might as well get a sticker that says "I'm cheap.". Honda is known for a one or more year lapse of offering a few models only to bring them back again. A small sports car/sedan, the Integra was very popular back in the late 90s especially the coupe variant. He had a lot of knowledge about the CTX AND did a good job explaining and answering questions I had. "If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go. My first bike was a Honda and this will probably be my last. I'm happy with mine.

The video title says 2016, but the placard has no model year listed and there are really no apparent differences on the bike. No problem at all.... we're pretty friendly, for the most part. not saying thats true, but I contacted Honda UK to purchase one in 2017 and I was shipped the … I enjoyed my CTX 1300, but cruise control for me was why I got rid of it. that's the case here in Aussie. The milk van inspired Element was discontinued just after 9 years of production, it was a choice among dog lovers due to its rear compartment. The trick is to grow up without getting old.". On the audio side, CTX1300 can be ordered up with a Bluetooth audio system that allows you to pair a Bluetooth helmet headset to the bike, and to feed audio to the bike via Bluetooth or USB (tucked in a covered compartment in the top of the faux gas tank). I got to spend a day riding the 2014 CTX1300 in the roads around San Diego -- some of my favorite motorcycling roads in Southern California. Tags: None.

The compartment that hides the USB port is big enough to hold an iPhone or iPod, which is great, but it doesn't lock, which is unfortunate. My GW was the best bike I had at the time and did the same. We all know why some cars were discontinued, so we will not repeat that we will therefore go straight to the list. I got my CTX700 50% of list price.

There are some aftermarket items for the CTX: shields, seats, top cases, saddlebag liners, foot pegs, grips, etc. The blacked out wheels and panels are only on the USA Deluxe model. -- the K Concourse and the Y FJR ate their lunch. The Prelude was a compact sports car that is also in the list of discontinued Honda models. At 338 kg it's not light, but it carries its weight low and feels easy to manoeuvre. It's still a great bike, regardless how many years it is out. Sadly Honda discontinued the CTX in 2016 here in the UK. It's an interesting concept -- more of an interface and amplifier than a fully-featured audio system. Fayose’s Official Car -1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Sedan, Rare 1995 BMW M5 Touring Cost More Than A 2020 7-Series (Photos), Old School Sunday: Original Mercedes-Benz 500E Clocks 30 (Photos), Damn! All of the bike's lighting is LED, from the headlight to taillight to turn signals to marker lights. It debuted in 1978 and spanned 5 generations and was successful until the early 2000s. First it was too expensive for honda to keep in the line up. In fact, the two bikes share engine and shaft drive componentry, but CTX has new (double-overhead) camshafts and valves (four per cylinder), and is tuned to deliver cruiser-ish low-end and mid-range torque, making it easy to ride around town.


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