words for sun in other languages

iN botH Malaysian & Indonesian.... (permalink), other than tai yang and rur for sun, sunshine in mandarin is 'yang2 guang1' literally ), Flickr logo. Group seeks sun images from around the... (1 to 100 of 156 replies in What is Sun called in other languages?

When the sun arose in the morning he did not say "Behold another day.". (permalink).

In papiamento its: Solo

It is a Star rain coming from the dismemberment of the comet Swift - Tuttle, in the constellation of Perseo. Answer is simple –> csillag, How to say star in Icelandic?

When did organ music become associated with baseball?

(permalink), In Hawaiian...Kala = The Sun

ages ago

Answer is simple –> ulduz, How to say star in Basque? (permalink), slovenian: sonce When it comes to languages, there are different ways to express the word ‘beautiful’.

I don't want some weird weird that wouldn't go with the last word 'Pack'. I am new to This group.

Answer is simple –> ستارہ, How to say star in Uzbek? These are just a handful of the many names for silver used by people around the globe.

ages ago ages ago

It is Sol (Spanish)

Answer is simple –> зірка, How to say star in Urdu?

arka Answer is simple –> звезда, How to say star in Catalan?

Divakara Answer is simple –> zetwal, How to say star in Hausa?

Answer is simple –> stjer, How to say star in Galician?

We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing.

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Udaya (One who raises) Sunny = soligt

The sun = solen savitru Keep listing.

Check out our translations in other languages.

summon. (permalink), Somebody has already mentionned 'Helios' in Greek. I love most taking Shot On tim... Hi! How to say sun in Amharic? (the same as in Lithuanian, didn't know till now:) ages ago (permalink), In spanish jargon, we call it familiarly "Lorenzo" when it's very hot during summer. ages ago

My mother also calls her 'Laura'. Basaa (Bassa, Basa, Bisaa, Basaa), Edopi (or Dosobou, Dou, Doufou, Elopi, Foi, Iau, Turu, Urundi, Ururi, Yau), Malagasy Northern Betsimisaraka Fenoarivo East, Malagasy Southern Betsimisaraka Antaimoro Manakara, Malagasy Southern Betsimisaraka Antaisaka Vangaindrano, Malagasy Southern Betsimisaraka Antambohoaka Mananjary, Mbamba Liweme (Lembaamba, Mbaama, Mbama, Mbamba, Obamba), Dani, Lower Grand Valley (Hitigima Dialect), Dani, Lower Grand Valley (Tangma Dialect), aijuma; aiyuma; alamuda; mama:wura; mamura, Asmat, Central (Mecamup, Amanamkai Dialect), Asmat, Central (Mecamup, Omanesep Dialect). it also means day =) Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? (permalink), Not sure if it's been said but in Welsh it's 'Haul' italian: sole ages ago So you pronounce it "gunesh" The Words Weird Words Cool Words Other Words For Cute Beautiful Latin Words Pretty Words Words In Other Languages One Word Quotes Unusual Words. ages ago 日出 -- Sunrise ... Amharic – sun in amharic.

ages ago ages ago

Answer is simple –> stea, How to say star in Russian? ages ago

(permalink), Matahari.... Rehua (cooks / ripens tree fruit)

(permalink), The other forms differ though: Please find below many ways to say sunshine in different languages. Welcome to our website! (permalink), aditya in sanskrit or some forgotten language(happens to be my name coincidentally ;-) ages ago

Aten (the name of the visible solar disc in ancient Egypt) Setting the Record Straight About Native Languages: Hopi and Tibetan Words for Sun and Moon Q: I heard that the Hopi word for "sun" is the same as the Tibetan word for "moon," and the Tibetan word for "sun" is the same as the Hopi word for "moon." How to say sun in Afrikaans? I know we all know what the sun is, but here is the definition of this powerful star in my Webster's dictionary:

Arusha (Hindu god of the rising sun) Join our early testers!

4. (permalink), hey everyone, in Lithuanian "sun" is "saule", "sunny" - "sauletas", "sunshine" - "saules sviesa" (written without special Lithuanian characters).

(permalink), In Urdu Sun is called Suraj,Aftab,Khursheed,Shams

(permalink), italian: sole....

Answer is simple –> ვარსკვლავი, How to say star in German?

ages ago the indo-european root for sun was "sawel-"

(permalink), if you interested. ages ago

ages ago Saying sun in Middle-Eastern Languages. (permalink), arabic: shams :) Answer is simple –> stjerne, How to say star in Pashto?

the greek "helios" appears to derive from the suffixed form "sawel-yo-"

(permalink), In Cockney rhyming slang: "currant bun"!

We created one place where you can check almost all words in one single click. 3.

Answer is simple –> réalta, How to say star in Italian? In Tamil : Sooriyan (Soorya)

For that reason, we also call it "Perseidas". .....

Answer is simple –> تارو, How to say star in Sinhala?

Following are most commonly used words for Sun - The Lord of Energy and The Planets. Answer is simple –> réalta, How to say star in Esperanto?

(permalink), Māori (Aotearoa New Zealand) sunburnt.

This is the translation …

ages ago Answer is simple –> seren, How to say star in Yiddish? ages ago

Alright, I making a role-play site about wolves and I need the words 'Sun' and 'Moon' in different languages. ages ago In Spanish "the sun" is el sol.

Answer is simple –> stella, How to say star in Croatian? Bhanu Prakasha (one who is brigtest in day sky) There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today.

Our modern word “sun…

ages ago

Answer is simple –> ستوری, How to say star in Persian? Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”?

Aditya (son of Aditi- Kashyapa Sage's Wife)

Answer is simple –> xiddig, How to say star in Spanish? Tamil is the language of Sri Lanka and two states in India.

H/t Wordstuck. Answer is simple –> zvaigzne, How to say star in Lithuanian? Answer is simple –> सितारा, How to say star in Hungarian? 4. members.fortunecity.com/volcanopele/patera.htm


Answer is simple –> స్టార్, How to say star in Thai? Answer is simple –> Star, How to say star in Greek? sumptuous.

(permalink), In hungarian

(permalink), afrikaans: son

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The word 'sun' is borrowed from English language: sun: Manchurian: China: sun: Xibe: The Xibe language (also Sibo, Sibe, Xibo language) is a Tungusic language spoken by members of the Xibe minority of Northwest China. In this article, we have listed many ways for you to say beautiful in different languages.

How to say sun in Albanian?

It’s also one of the four official languages of Singapore.

(permalink), In Chinese, the literal translation of the phrase for sun is: extreme brightness. You must see that I am not in the least tired, only a little dazzled by the sun.

khaga (permalink), In Czech - slunce* ages ago (permalink), In Burmese, it is called Nay. (permalink)

ages ago

Sun in different languages Afrikaans – sun in afrikaans.

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Answer is simple –> zvezda, How to say star in Somali?

Answer is simple –> ster, How to say star in English? Sinhala - Soorya or Hiru (permalink), Oh right. ages ago ages ago Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? ages ago (permalink), In Thai : Rua o te ra (hole of the sun: point where sun rises or sets ages ago (permalink), in basque language: eguzki ;)

(permalink), In Polish it's 'slonce' (actually, it should be spelled 'słońce', but somehow I don't think the diacritic marks will show up properly ;))

(permalink), In Brazil is called "SOL" (portuguese language)

ages ago

Matahari = mata (eye ) + hari ( day ) marich Gunes (permalink), Ra in the morning ages ago Answer is simple –> étoile, How to say star in Frisian?

If you are 13 years old when were you born? Dwight's -'heulo', is more like shine as in sun shine or used like- 'sunning' as in sun tan!

bhaskar 2.

(permalink), it's "tai yong" in Cantonese.. same writing as Mandarin 太陽 How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx?


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