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9am English Service Sermons

on Sun, 29/12/2019 - 14:03

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DateTitle1 1-9ScriptureSpeakerRecordingNotes
29/11/2020 10:00Questions that answerJob 38; 40:5Rev Chris Chanmp4 
22/11/2020 09:00Can there be anything good about suffering?Job 36:5-16Rev Chris Chanmp4 
15/11/2020 09:00Faith & WisdomJob 28Rev Chris Chanmp4 
08/11/2020 09:00When there seems to be no hopeJob 19:1-12,21-29 Dorothy Choimp4 
01/11/2020 09:00Faith and SufferingJob 1Rev Chris Chanmp4 
25/10/2020 09:00Christians Stand Firm!1 Peter 5:1-14Rev David Burgemp3 
18/10/2020 09:00What a Christ-ian looks like1 Peter 4:1-9Rev David Burgemp3 
11/10/2020 09:00What does Christian marriage look like?1 Peter 3:1-7Rev David Burgemp3 
04/10/2020 09:00How to live in a world not your own1 Peter 2:11-17Rev David Burgemp3 
27/09/2020 09:00God's holy children, let's be holy!1 Peter 1:13-23Rev David Burgemp3 
20/09/2020 09:00What's So Good About Being A Christian?1 Peter 1:1-9Rev David Burgemp3 
13/09/2020 09:00Unlocked: the battler1 Corinthians 1:26-30Mark Leongmp3 
06/09/2020 09:00Unlocked: the divergent1 Corinthians 15:3-10Mark Leongmp3 
30/08/2020 09:00Unlocked: the perfectionistPhilippians 3:3-9Mark Leongmp3 
23/08/2020 09:00New Life - New LifestyleColossians 3:1-4:18Rev Luke Tattersallmp3 
16/08/2020 09:00New Life - New AuthorityColossians 2:6-23Rev Luke Tattersallmp3 
09/08/2020 09:00New Life - New PurposeColossians 1:24-2:5Rev Luke Tattersallmp3 
02/08/2020 09:00New Life ...In ChristColossians 1:1-23Rev Luke Tattersallmp3 
26/07/2020 09:00Wisdom in a world of words and wealthProverbs 22:10-16Rev David Cookmp3 
19/07/2020 09:00Coping with Life's RandomnessProverbs 22:1-9Rev David Cookmp3 
12/07/2020 09:00Family RelationshipsProverbs 4:1-9Rev David Cookmp3 
05/07/2020 09:00Value, source & evidence of a healthy heartProverbs 15:13-17Rev David Cookmp3 
28/06/2020 09:00WisdomProverbs 8Rev David Cookmp3 
21/06/2020 09:00The naive young manProverbs 7:1-21; 9:1-18Rev David Cookmp3 
14/06/2020 09:00Staying on the Straight PathProverbs 3:1-12Rev David Cookmp3 
07/06/2020 09:00Harmonising with realityProverbs 1Rev David Cookmp3 
31/05/2020 10:00127th Anniversary Service - The Marks of a True ChurchActs 2:37-47Rev Chris Chanmp3 
24/05/2020 09:00Our Kinsman-RedeemerRuth 4Rev Chris Chanmp3 
17/05/2020 09:00The Kinsman-RedeemerRuth 3Rev Chris Chanmp3 
10/05/2020 09:00The Fullness of God’s ProvisionRuth 2:1-13, 19-20Dorothy Choimp3 
03/05/2020 09:00Dark Night of the SoulRuth 1:1-6, 11-13Rev Andrew Choymp3 
26/04/2020 09:00Stewardship of money: an acid test for true discipleshipLuke 16:1-13Rev Chris Chanmp3 
19/04/2020 09:00Prayer: the key to fulfilling God's willEphesians 6:10-20Rev Chris Chanmp3 
12/04/2020 09:00Christ is RisenJohn 20:1-18Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
Maundy ThursdayIt is FInishedJohn 19:25-37Rev Chris Chanmp3 
05/04/2020 09:00Living Life to the FullJohn 10:7-21Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
29/03/2020 09:00Two Kinds of BlindnessJohn 9Rev Chris Chanmp3 
22/03/2020 09:00Freedom in ChristJohn 8:31-47Rev Chris Chanmp3 
15/03/2020 09:00Jesus, The Light of the WorldJohn 8:12-30Rev Chris Chanmp3 
08/03/2020 09:00Jesus, the Bread of LifeJohn 6:22-35Rev Chris Chanmp3 
01/03/2020 09:00Give me some of this waterJohn 4:7-26Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
23/02/2020 09"00Are you a born again Christian?John 3:1-16Rev Chris Chanmp3 
16/02/2020 09:00Cleanliness is next to godlinessJohn 2:13-25Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
09/02/2020 09:00Be worthy of our callingEph 4:1-13Rev Chris Chanmp3 
02/02/2020 09:00The Word became FleshJohn 1:1-18Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
26/01/2020 09:00I just wanted to be a sheepMatt 25:31-46Alec Wallismp3 
19/01/2020 09:00The Parable of the TenantsMatt 21:33-46Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
12/01/2020 09:00The Parable of the Two SonsMatt 21:33-46Rev Thomas Wallmp3 
05/01/2020 09:00Humbled before GodLuke 18:9-14Rev Thomas Wallmp3 


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